M524DD Ble Beacon Standard Parking For Sharing Bike

The BLE Bluetooth beacon IOT device works with Omni smart IOT device, share bike, sharing scooters and rental ebike can achieve fixed parking. Reduce the operating costs of shared bicycle projects. 

Fixed standard parking

Built in high precision real time clock, broadcast content encryption

Built in 5400mah battery, ultra-long standby

IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant

Support OTA update

Size: 102mm*98mm*20mm


Dockless Bike Sharing Business Standard Parking Ble Beacon IOT Device


M524DD BLE beacon is a Bluetooth electronic tag for fixed parking. Works with Omni smart IOT device, 

share bike, sharing scooters and rental ebike can achieve fixed parking. Solve indiscriminate parking in the

shared business.



Technical Specification
 Working current:  <60uA  Battery:  5400mah/ 3.6V Lithium battery
 Environment temperature:  -20~+70℃  Waterproof:  IP 67
 Bluetooths:   BLE 5.0  Transmitted power:  <4dBm
 Receiving sensitivity:  -94dB  Shell material:   Engineering Plastics
 Broadcast interval:  @500ms  Size:  102*98*20mm
 Install way:  M6 screw *2  Product Name:  Smart sharing business bluetooth beacon







The M524DD BLE beacon IOT device built in high capacity lithium-ion battery, long battery life. With

solid aluminum alloy shell design, IP67 protection level. The device can work stably and reliably in any

harsh outdoor environment, Not maintenance required. Reduce the operating costs of shared bicycle

projects. The device built in high-precision real-time clock, combined with the Omni encryption algorithm,

broadcast content changes in real time. So that cannot be maliciously imitated by any people.

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