OMNI Electric Bike System

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  Ebike system is for city bikes,Mountainbikes,Trekking bikes,Cargo bikes.And what is the ebike system for those bikes and e-bikes?

  The electric drive of the eBike,the display with the appropriate control unit and the battery are the components that make an eBike an eBike.They are supplemented by digital services and apps.In a system,all components communicate with each other and adapt to users' respective driving situation.This means users can drive more efficiently,more comfortably and have more fun through a mature ebike system.

  With Omni E-bike systems you have the choice between two systems-you can find out what advantages they offer and which one suits you best here.

ebike system


  The smart system is the beginning of a new,digital eBike future.

       In the latest system generation from Omni eBike Systems,all components are fully networked with one another.The eBike app is the linchpin:it gives you a constant stream of new functions for your e-bikes.You can easily transfer updates for your components via Bluetooth connection and 4G technology.This means your e-bike remains current even after purchase and continues to develop.

  The Omni eBike System 2 was developed for unlimited riding pleasure:It impresses with a large selection of components and functions,so everyone can find the right display,the right IoT devices or gps trackers and the right battery lock.In combination with the eBike app and the backstage(cloud platform),you can monitor and control your ebikes anywhere anytime.

  The right smart devices are listed below for more details.

  1. smart bike lock: security tool,blue&4G connection,real-time positioning,transfer data to APP and backend,built-in more iot technology for ebike sharing business

  2. smart display: requested data and details displayed,4G&bluetooth connection,equipped smartphone holder,smartphone charging,local geo fence and dual band supported.

  3. gps tracker: GPS tracking system,anti-theft ebikes fleet,sends alerts,IoT connectivity,recovery resistant and more.

  4. IoT device: GPS tracking system,QR code system for ebike rental and sharing projects,real-time monitoring and controling of ebikes fleet,built-in more iot technology

  5. battery lock: battery's protection,integration with iot devices for real-time monitoring.


ebike app


  The right ebike APP

  1. It connects with smart devices listed above and works with server.

  2. Sends maintenance alerts,track and display real-time information about your ride,including speed,distance traveled,and battery level.

  3. View a log of past rides,including details such as route,distance,duration,and average speed.

  4. Provide turn-by-turn navigation to help you find the best routes for your eBike rides.This may include maps,waypoints,and route planning features.

  5. Adjust and customize the level of assistance provided by the electric motor.This may include different riding modes for various terrains or preferences.

  6. Implement anti-theft features,such as GPS tracking,remote locking,and alarms,to enhance the security of your eBike.

  7. Allow users to update the eBike's firmware through the app to access new features,improvements,or bug fixes.

  8. Connect with other eBike enthusiasts,share your rides,and participate in challenges or competitions within the app's community.

  9. Provide weather forecasts to help users plan their rides based on current and upcoming weather conditions.

  The backend

  The backend is one part of ebike system.That needs iot technology and other advanced technology.Through backend,Data Storage,Real-time Data Processing,Remote Control,Firmware Updates,Integration with Mapping and Navigation Services,Telematics and GPS Tracking,Battery Management,Analytics and Reporting,Push Notifications,Payment and Subscription Management,Security Measures,APIs for Third-Party Integration,Scalability and Performance Optimization can be accomplished.

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