Fleet Management Solution

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Why needs Fleet Management?
How to realize Fleet Management?
Who will help with the Fleet Management?

When we have 5-10 vehicles, it should be very easy to manage the vehicles by a fleet manager who can contact with the driver to get the latest informations.
How about 50 vehicles?  Need 5 fleet manager?  Too complicate and cost high in labor.
Then here comes the Fleet Management System.
Right!  The Fleet Management System is a IoT solution which connecting the vehicles all in one system by a software management system.  
Then how to connect the vehicles?

Here comes the
IoT device.

And,there're GPS tracking devices which are powful tools as well for all kinds of vehicles,such as cars,sharing bikes,electric bikes,electric scooters or electric scooter hire,electric mopeds,fat tire bikes,motorbikes,electric motorcycles and so on.

This item is called O504QD for vehicles management.

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fleet management

>>> Omni is dedicated in the IoT solutions and supplying both software and hardware to serve for the fleet management system.
Main functions of the gps tracking devices:
The GPS tracking devices have the function of real-Time Tracking the vehicle position and status( on/off, speed, vehicles'maintenance,etc)
The GPS tracking devices have the function of real-time monitoring the vehicle feul consumption, helping to realize feul cost management.
The GPS tracking devices have the function of real-time cheking the vehicle location, increase delivery on-time rate.
The GPS tracking devices have the function of tracking record of the drivers' path to find out a best path for each travel.
The GPS tracking devices have the function of SOS to ask for help once in emergency.

gps tracking devices


The hardware such as IoT devices and vehicle gps trackers is indispensable for fleet.It is to transmit GPS and send data to mobile APP and backend. Auto remote control and check all the vehicles is commodious for any ride share companies and fleet management companies.

More importantly,easiest operation and advanced IoT technology can be built into all the hardware,and the integration can be smoothly completed.The companies are not only to monitor the fleet but also has the advantage on the market.The priorities of development for fleet management solution,to a great extent,define the direction of future cost-effective and benefitial vehicles management and any rental projects.

The solutions are customized for each type of vehicles.As mentioned,the different types of cars,sharing bikes,rental electric bikes,container trucks,electric scooters,mopeds,fat tire bikes,cargo bikes are customized and integrated with adequate smart locks and IoT devices and gps trackers.

vehicle gps tracker 


iot remote monitoring device


connect iot device


smart bike lock


cable lock


iot device control


iot device monitoring and control


Below is the e bike security system.OMNI bike locks,IoT devices,cable locks,wheel locks and wireless charging module can be options for different requirements for electric bikes.Please contact us for more details and the customization is available.

e-bike security system


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