Sharing Bicycle Lock and Bicycle Sharing System Solution

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Omni bicycle sharing system

Solve the last mile problem:pick up a bike through the bike rental app and return it to any public bicycle parking area! Bike sharing system provides an affordable and universal solution to short urban commutes,capital cities,parks,tourists attractions,hotels and campus.It incarnates a new kind of healthy and dynamic lifestyle,reduces congestion in urban areas,and helps improve urban development  through big data analytics.

smart bike lock

The complete IoT solution for bikes and e-bikes

1. The sharing bicycle lock includes built-in IoT smart bike lock and and IoT device connected with brake lock.

2. The software of bike share includes user APP which is bike rental APP,server program,background management.

3. Fixed parking with Omni parking beacon.

Omni has knowledge and technology to develop own APP and server program and background serface.And they're available for renting if needed.Or Omni can create new ones as per requested.For current software(APP,backstage),Omni would help to integrate them with built-in IoT smart bike locks and IoT device.You can use your own APP and backstage with Omni's smart bike locks and IoT device for bike share business.

smart bicycle lock

2G 4G GPS tracking anti-theft smart bike lock for bike share,bike rental system,other types of bikes

  • 3 versions of models: OBL1 (BLE version),OGG1(GPS+GPRS version),OGB1(GPS+GPRS+BLE version)
  • High sensitivity GPS Receiver / GPS bike lock / Bluetooth bike lock
  • GSM / GPRS,Quad-band EGSM850 / 900 / DCS1800/PCS1900MHz
  • SIM card or SIM on chip
  • Li-polymer rechargeable Battery,built-in type
  • Full charging support to 1-2 months working time (Riding 5-10times every day)
  • External Solar,Generator Hub & Lock generator support (optional)
  • Selectable Low Voltage (Lower to 30mV) charging circuit to support external small power


Operation and Advantage

  • Scan QR code to unlock,ID number to unlock,server command to unlock
  • Fast unlock,fast close and accounting
  • Real-time GPRS tracking
  • Remotely read bike status,remote control vehicles / fleet bikes,like battery level,lock or unlock,GPS location,bike altitude,rollover etc.
  • Support BLE for more power save (optional),Solar charging supported
  • Complete bike sharing system include bike rental APP,mini programs,server program,background interface,and smart bike lock,supporting customer running bike share system(non station)
  • Support Virtual bike station with beacon access point(option,our proven technique),to prevent bike lose or leave bike
  • Support Geo Fence for area management
  • Highlight display bike maintenance on background interface
  • Very low power consumption
  • All the appearance,size and functions can be customized.


This IoT application is ready for bikes and eletric bikes,vehicle plant can take care of their bicycles,e-bikes with public bike sharing scheme,and launch these vehicles in tourist attractions,cities,parks,campus,hotels for bike share projects.

ebike solution


Besides smart bike locks which can be installed on shared bicycles,IoT devices also can be installed on shared bicycles,and some IoT devices can be embeded into fleet electric bikes for rental projects.The smart bike locks and IoT devices are built-in GPS tracking system and QR code scanner for best monitoring of fleet vehicles and improvement of user experiences.There're more detailed features for those smart iot devices.

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Omni provides more IoT solutions for fleet factories and shared micromobility,and more IoT solutions can be available for golf carts rental,E-mopeds,trucks and motorbikes and more vehicles of logistics.


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