Omni OC30 Smart Bike Lock for Bike Share

The smart bike lock is a bike share lock with smart abilities for bike safety and service,users can scan the QR code to ride by smart application and lock manually after finished their trip and paid.

Built-in solar panel,supports solar charging

Net Weight: 1.2KG

Material: aluminum alloy

Color: black,custom is available

Communication: Bluetooth,2G,4G,GPS,GLONASS and BD

LED blue light: the server is connected;LED red light: it's charging

Buzzer loudness: greater than 65 decibels

Alerts: when bikes moving and get notice after locked

Sensor: G-sensor

SIM card: GPRS/4G

Unlocks: by Network and Bluetooth 

Smart Bike Lock (built-in IoT) for Ebikes Fleet Bike Share Industry

The smart bike lock is different with normal traditional bicycle locks,it has built-in IoT technology supported by Omni who has knowledge and IoT technology

for the best bike sharing service and help to lower operating and maintainess cost for dockless bike sharing business.

We use a locking manually way so as to make sure the locking of bikes is exactly correct and is of most security.



1,Remote control with backend software

2,GPS tracking system of all vehicles,precise positioning tracking

3,Bicycles' status reporting,easy monitoring


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The Whole one-stop IoT Solution for Shared Mobility


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Questions and Answers

1,Can your smart bike locks be controlled by our APP?

   Omni: Yes,surely.Omni can help to custom your own applications and software.And we would send you an integration guide if you already have one.

2, If it can be integrated within our software? We want it to be able to unlock via our app.

   Omni: The smart bike lock for your bicycle sharing business is mature,the bicycle locks can be integrated with your app and software.

3,The smart sharing lock device for bicycles can be available in India or not?

   Omni: Yes,Omni's smart bike locks are already operating worldwide,and strong R&D team can help with any technical specifications.

4,I am interested in purchasing one of your lock with an app for bike-sharing systems.I would like to test it on my bike before scaling the project.

  Omni: Absolutely you can.Test with a sample first before launching or starting up bike sharing service.

5, I would like to understand if this is the strongest of your hooks, and what are the resistance tests.

  Omni: All products were only launched after passed the testing.Below is product standard test from Omni.The smart bike locks are made of alumium alloy,durable.

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