XM IoT Device With GPS Tracking for Electric Scooter Rental Sharing Scooter

XM IoT device enables monitoring electric scooters for rent projects and sharing projects.Precise GPS tracking and APP scan to ride system for e scooter rental and sharing service all over the world.

Communication: 4G, bluetooth,2G,GNSS

APP sanning QR code via network or bluetooth to unlock and ride

Environmental protection material:PC+10%GF

Button only works when IoT device is powered on

Sensor: G-sensor

SIM card: GPRS/ 4G

Water and dust proof level: IP66

Color:black,custom is available

Certificates: PPC,CE

Different certifications can be carried out according to customer requirements

Why is there IoT device for mobility?

1,GPS tracking system and APP scanning QR code for electric scooters ridesare

2,Unlocks and locks controlled by electric scooter lock app

3,Secure electric scooters and easy management

The functions of XM IoT device:

1, 4G/Bluetooth dual-mode switch lock/on or off

2, Two ways to obtain positioning: single/continuous

3, Accelerometer Sensitivity Settings

4, Customized IoT and server communication interval

5, Turning on the headlights: press button/programming controllable

6, Riding mode switch

7, Riding mode switch ways: button press or programming controlled

8, Throttle response, front and rear lights flashing, cruise control switch

9, Find a car prompt (front and rear lights flashing + voice prompt)

10, Customize the maximum speed limit for each mode

11, Read and report vehicle controller information (speed, battery, riding mode, temperature, etc.)

12, IoT device disassembly alarm (communication line disconnected)

13, Alerts: geo-fence,standard parking

14, Low battery alarm, set by server

15, Illegal Movement/Shake Alarm

16, Falling down alert (report to server, no sound)

17, Vehicle failure alarm

18, Support IoT firmware remote upgrade

IoT device

Questions and Answers

1,What Omni's IoT devices can do for e scooters rentals and sharing industry? Why we use IoT technology for E-scooter sharing business?

    Omni has the knowledge and iot technology to manufacture IoT device for all types of electric scooters in the world, and IoT device is a tool as an electric scooter lock,connecting to controller of scooters and monitoring the status,including switch for unlocking and locking e scooter for riding,precise positioning of scooters,the vehicles' battery power,riding speed,how scooter performs, temperature etc.. And IoT would send those informations to server,electric scooter rental companies can check and manage well their scooters.

    Omni has a strong R&D team, and Omni can do IoT device(hardware) and electric scooter app and backstage(software) for e scooter rental and sharing business.Therefore,electric scooter rental companies won't worry again if scooters are getting lost.Help much for the fleet management and lower labor cost.


2,Do I need to develop an application for accepting payments and unlocking a scooter?

  Omni can provide protocol or API to you with your current application and backstage.If not, Omni can customize to you or Omni can rent those software to you.

3,How will you track everything in real time? 

  Through electric scooter app and backstage as the IoT device is with built in gps tracking.


Custom electric scooter IoT device is available.

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