Smart Mobility Xiaomi Electric Scooter Rideshare IoT Device

OMNI makes smart locking and unlocking system for escooters and solves any problems regarding Rental Scooter Shared Electric Scooters.Try one sample and test it on your devices.OMNI can help with one-stop solution for the rental electric scooter industry.




Audio specs:4Ω 2W

Water proof level:IPX6


Cover material:plastic 


Intelligent Electric Scooter Lock and Xiaomi Electric Scooter Sharing Solution


IoT remote control device is for shared mobility and fleet manufacturers.


A dashboard directly is put on the powerful device so it's a combination of display and IoT device.IoT device handles what you need to do for the electric scooters.

There's a button on the dashboard which riders can unlock and lock the vehicles and ride with different speeds if users would need it.OMNI has more than 20 years IoT technology experience.And here're 6 major technology upgrades for Xiaomi scooters IoT device.


1, 4G/BLE communication

2, IoT and dispaly combination

3, Geofencing

4, One-click assist button

5, High definition audio assist 

6, OTA remote upgrade


And,the size is for various diameter of e-scooters.


iot device management


IoT device-geofencing alerts.


iot applications


IoT device provides multiple high-precision positioning methods.


IoT Device


IoT device is built-in speaker for many types of alerts.


Connect iot device



IoT device meets environmental needs in the world.And it is anti-theft to make sure scooters stay well,won't be stolen.


iot device management platform



IoT device works OMNI parking beacon for standard parking which meets government requirement and terms of vehicles parking.


Smart iot device


This IoT device is water proof and keeps working when rainning.


electric scooter lock with app

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