Operating with RFID and Smartphone APP Smart Bike Lock

This smart bike lock is specially-made for bikes ebikes when launching a public bike rental business worldwide.So smart lock comes with BLE 4.0 and RFID communication,and it can be customized for requested colors,appearance,functions.

Communication methods:BLE 4.0 and RFID

The durability:locking/unlocking>10000times

Application industry:bike share,rental bikes

Location:installed on back tire of bicycles

Water proof:IPX6,keep working when raining day

Cover material: aluminium alloy

This smart bike lock can be operated with RFID card to unlock or using APP to unlock through Bluetooth communication which is suitable for bicycle ride sharing services. 

No keys,no bend down.

No theft,keep the bicycle stay well with alerts notification.

Better fleet arrangement and secure ride share at anytime.


Unlocking method for the bike share

Using smartphone APP and RFID card to unlock


Other special features

1,Supports solar charging for making sure long battery life

2,Emergency charging with your power bank or on the car as the smart bike lock is designed with a USB charging port.

3,The smart bike lock will beep when abnormal moving and falling to the ground.


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