OL419 Cable Lock Connects IoT device for Mobility Scooter Hire

OMNI OL419 cable lock is designed to connect with sophisticated IoT device and provide the best operations for scooter hire with intelligence and start up the electric scooter hire business successful without extra cost and time.

OMNI cable lock manufactures

For electric scooter hire business

Intelligent operations with smartphone APP

Integrated smart lock with auto lock and unlock

Communication mode:UART/CAN


Material:aluminium alloy and plastic

Spread length of cable:1200MM

Length and dia of cable can be customized

Super waterproof level:IPX8

IoT Device Monitors Cable Lock with QR Scan to Ride System for Mobility Scooter Hire Business


The OL419 cable lock is designed to meet government regulations without any operation problems after connected with IoT device for running mobility scooter hire business.

This cable lock is a specially-made smart lock for smart micromobility with supporting intelligence,so riders who need to rent an eletric scooter can process with a QR scan to ride which is built-in IoT device with smartest easiest operation,and IoT device controls the cable lock is a part of convenient locking and unlocking for all scooters.The mobility scooter hire companies would not worry about the unlocking and locking problem again.


cable lock


Mobility Scooter Hire


OMNI provides IoT technology of UART and CAN communication as for the implementation of monitoring and switch lock.The cable lock can be 360° free rotation without any problems about locking and unlocking angle caused for riders.

The cable lock is made of environmental protection material who meets requirement wordwide.The cable is 8MM in diameter and supports durability.Most importantly,OMNI uses high water resistant  technology for this cable lock.It's IPX8 so it works great in raining days.

Regarding the integration and protocol of scooters and IoT device connecting with your server and software,OMNI has the knowledge and high tech to handle all.OMNI provides the whole IoT solution including customization even though a new start up of mobility scooter hire industry.


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