Smart parking lock

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Why is there smart parking lock?


The shortage of parking spaces is the crux of many cities' parking difficulties, but the information asymmetry leads to low utilization of parking spaces and cannot be ignored. On the one hand, there is a need to find a parking space; on the other side, there is a surplus parking space, and the shared parking space just solves the problem of “driving for ten minutes by car for ten minutes".  

So how do you manage these shared parking spaces scientifically and effectively?

For sharing parking spaces,Omni focuses on parking solutions for parking locks and operating parking system. Building a smart parking system, which provides services based on the network and mobile terminals, effectively solves the problem of parking difficulties for residents,increases revenue for public parking lots, and provides analysis and application based on parking data for the government. After the project is completed, a set of IoT data platforms in the field of public consumption and urban management will be formed.


Hardware: smart parking lock (different network module and application scenarios)


Backend management system

Cloud server and database


smart parking lock

For parking spaces management,without human management,smart parking locks support automatic parking.

How do smart parking lock work?

1. Open smart parking APP,looking for parking space,drivers confirm the estimated parking time on APP;

2. Drivers check and choose a suitable parking space,make a reservation;

3. According to navigation on APP,drivers go to the parking space;

4. Drivers arrive the parking spot,click "use"button,smart parking lock unlocks automatically,then drivers can park their cars easily;

5. The smart parking lock will be locked and the railing is back to its original state after cars leave;

6. There's automatic billing of parking. 


Operators can use the specific backend to monitor and control the packing locks.

The smart parking locks are built-in IoT technology.It's to transform the car parking with cutting-edge, high-quality smart parking locks.

It's to simplify parking control and management with advanced smart car parking systems.

The smart locks work well with smart parking app and backend (background management system).


The smart parking lock can be for personal parking space and sharing parking spaces management.


parking lock

car parking lock


Omni parking locks are suitable for different application scenarios,such as personal parking space management,sharing parking spaces mangement.

And different communication and network modules are available based on different request and need for different operators in each country.

Parking Lock Options Communication Interface Network Module Network Module Remote Control Apply for
Bluetooth Connection parking lock Bluetooth None None with remote control Only use Ble connection through mobile APP to control the smart lock
4G parking lock Bluetooth/TCP Yes Based on 4G communication technology,mainly LTE network None Suitable for: using server or Ble connection to control the smart lock
Parking lock NB version Bluetooth/TCP Yes Based on Narrowband IoT,extremly low power consumption None

The method is applicable to devices that do not support strong mobility and report automatically.

Not suitable for using server to control the smart locks

Parking lock 485 version

Bluetooth/485 None None None

 It is applicable to the scenario where multiple parking locks are managed through one Bluetooth gateway  


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