Smart parking lock

2021-09-30 13:46:28 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

Why is there smart parking lock?


The shortage of parking spaces is the crux of many cities' parking difficulties, but the information asymmetry leads to low utilization of parking spaces and cannot be ignored. On the one hand, there is a need to find a parking space; on the other side, there is a surplus parking space, and the shared parking space just solves the problem of “driving for ten minutes by car for ten minutes".  So how do you manage these shared parking spaces scientifically and effectively? For sharing parking spaces,Omni focuses on solutions for parking locks and operating systems. Building a smart parking system, which provides services based on the network and mobile terminals, effectively solves the problem of parking difficulties for residents,increases revenue for public parking lots, and provides analysis and application based on parking data for the government. After the project is completed, a set of IoT data platforms in the field of public consumption and urban management will be formed.



Backend management system

Cloud server and database


smart parking lock



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