Parking Lock For Smart Parking

OMNI manufactures parking lock and provides parking reservation system for parking lots management.The drivers find car parking space on phone APP and take an intelligent parking when needed.All is automatic with easier management.

Optional Battery:

1*1.5V battery(4 pieces)

6V7AH/6V12AH lead-acid batteries

Water proof level: IP67

Storage temperature: -40°C - +80°C

Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C

Dimensions: L380*W360*H65

Material:Aluminium alloy shellWeight: 5KG


The parking lock is for smart parking and meet the requirement of "car park near me" when driver has difficulties for his car parks.And Omni provides parking reservation system using the smart parking lock and application software.

The communication ways for the parking lock

Personal use:BLE

Sharing version:GPRS,BLE,RS485,NB


Smart Parking Lock Options Communication Interface Network Module Network Module Remote Control Apply for
Bluetooth Connection parking lock Bluetooth None None with remote control Only use Ble connection through mobile APP to control the smart lock
4G parking lock Bluetooth/TCP Yes Based on 4G communication technology,mainly LTE network None Suitable for: using server or Ble connection to control the smart lock
Parking lock NB version Bluetooth/TCP Yes Based on Narrowband IoT,extremly low power consumption None

The method is applicable to devices that do not support strong mobility and report automatically.

Not suitable for using server to control the smart locks

Parking lock 485 version

Bluetooth/485 None None None

 It is applicable to the scenario where multiple parking locks are managed through one Bluetooth gateway  


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