M209TKS Helmet Lock for Mobility Scooter Rental

OMNI intelligent helmet lock is widedly used for electric scooter rental business.There's no easily stolen helmet again with advanced technology for the helmet lock on rental scooters.

Voltage: 80uA

Lifetime: one and a half years (25℃, lock unlocking twice a day)

Working Temperature: -20~+70℃

Waterproof level: IP67

Size: 95.9mm*57.3mm*40mm

Weight: about 300g

Installation: 4-PM4*8mm screw

Battery: 3.6V/3600mAH Lithium sub-battery

Helmets Management with OMNI Helmet Lock for Rental Electric Scooter Industry


What are smart abilities of this helmet lock?

1,The smart helmet lock is installed on scooter tube;

2,It's controlled by Bluetooth;

3,Users can unlock it via Bluetooth or smartphone APP;

4,When finished,users can return it quickly with automatic locking;

5,Each helmet can be identified by OMNI's iot technology.

There're two unlocking methods of helmet lock on rental electric scooters.One is to click the unlock button on smartphone APP and another is that IoT device of rental electric scooter can monitor the helmet lock directly for unlocking and locking after they're connected.


How does the helmet lock look on scooters and how the helmets stay on scooters?


Helmet lock


Helmet lock for scooter


motorcycle helmet lock

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