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  Overview of IoT Software Systems

  An IoT software system refers to a network that interconnects devices,sensors,and communication technologies through the internet.It facilitates seamless communication between iot devices,data collection,analysis,and remote control of devices.The core of an IoT software system involves connecting various sensors and devices to a cloud platform for remote management and control.

software system


  I. Key Features of OMNI's IoT Cloud Platform Solution

  IoT Drive Engine

  1. Dynamic configuration and parsing of protocols

  2. "Zero-code”development

  3. Significantly reduces the cost of IoT protocol development and maintenance

  4. Support various protocol formats such as TCP,MQTT,and HEX

  5. Comprehensively accommodates the OMNI IoT devices and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of IoT products available in the market.  

  Data Analysis and Applications

  Powerful data analysis capabilities for in-depth exploration and analysis of collected data.

  Identification of potential issues and opportunities,providing tailored solutions and recommendations.


software applications


        For example,OMNI has the cloud platform for vehicles sharing projects and rental business,such as bike share,rental ebikes,fat tire bikes,sharing scooter,vehicle tracking.

      Below are function lists of above mentioned cloud platform.

      cloud platform


  Remote Control and Management

  Cloud-based platform enabling remote control of devices,including switch control,parameter adjustments,and firmware upgrades.

  Offers a convenient and efficient approach to device management for enterprises.

  Cross-Platform and Device Compatibility

  Adaptability to various operating systems and platforms,supporting multiple device types,including traditional devices,AR/VR devices,smartphones,and tablets.

         Mini Program Client

  Utilizing the mainstream cross-platform UniAPP for compatibility with platforms like WeChat and Alipay.

  Native browser ecosystem support for both user and operational ends.

       Software Applications

          OMNI can develop user APP for different areas,such as mobility, asset management,security and protection,smart cities and automotive industry.

iot system

software applications development


  II. Application Scenarios for OMNI Intelligence's IoT Software System Solution

        Urban Mobility Solutions

  Unified management of shared vehicles,combining IoT devices with server integration for precise location tracking,remote locking/unlocking,and billing.

  Smart Parking Lots

  Connection of parking space locks with smart parking apps,allowing users to check parking availability and enhancing parking management efficiency.

  Vehicle Management and Tracking

  Omi Intelligence's vehicle trackers,combined with IoT software,enable precise vehicle tracking,along with features like ignition alerts and fatigue driving warnings.

  Smart Home

  Intelligent management of home devices,sensors,and smart home products for enhanced home environment control.

  Industrial Automation

  Real-time monitoring and control of industrial equipment,robots,and sensors to improve production line efficiency and quality.

  Smart Cities

  Integration of various devices and infrastructure for monitoring and controlling traffic,environment,and public facilities in urban areas.

  Agricultural Automation

  Connecting agricultural equipment,sensors,and products for monitoring and controlling crop environments,optimizing agricultural production.

iot technology

software solution

  III. Advantages of OMNI Intelligence's IoT Software System Solution

  Advanced IoT Technology

  Utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing,big data,and artificial intelligence for system stability and reliability.

  Security and Privacy Protection

  Implementation of robust security measures to ensure data safety and privacy protection,aligning with relevant regulations and standards.

  Rich Industry Experience

  Extensive industry experience and a portfolio of successful projects,allowing the design and implementation of tailored solutions for various industries.

  Comprehensive Service Support

  Full-scale pre-sales and post-sales service support,including solution design,device installation and debugging,training,and ongoing technical assistance.

  IV. IoT System

  The concept of IoT system involves leveraging sensors,the internet,and cloud computing to connect the physical and digital worlds.This enables real-time data collection,transmission,analysis,and control of physical devices,leading to intelligent monitoring and management.

  In conclusion,OMNI's IoT software system solutions represent a paradigm shift in digital transformation,providing enterprises with the tools to enhance their operations,reduce costs,and create smarter and more efficient products and services.


Below is the case show of backend of shared mobility.

saas software

asset management software


  More advantage of OMNI software system

  1. Realize high load,high concurrency through Nginx,Alibaba Cloud,AWS and other cloud servers Developed business,mastered rich processing concurrency and load capacity of big data business

  2. Through the combination and optimization of relational database RDS,NoSql Redis and other databases,he has mastered rich big data optimization capabilities.

  3. Rich experience in mobility,sharing economy,IoT device connection and business processing,and mastering high-concurrency IoT device connection and processing capabilities.

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