GPS Pet Tracking System

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Pet is playing as a role of people's friend and become more and more important in people's life in recent years.  The longer you spend with your pet and the more energy you put into it, the stronger the bond between you and your pet.  But the pet is alive, not an object, the situation of pet loss also happens from time to time.  How do you prevent your pet from getting lost and never being able to find it again?  
>>> OMNI has been working on the GPS tracking system Solution for Animal management and supplying both software and hardware to serve for the Pet management system.
How does a pet gps tracking device work?  You may find the below functions from a pet tracker:

1. Loss prevention: help pet owners locate their pets and master the whereabouts of cats and dogs.  
2. Health detection: In cooperation with the pet management APP, the number of steps and movement status of cats and dogs will generate corresponding data reports, so that pet owners can analyze and predict their health.  
3. Efficient management: through pet locator combined with pet integrated management platform, city managers can collect information through pet locator, timely and effective pet information, movement area, inspection...  
4. Information management: urban management staff can use the management platform to carry out information management on pets wearing terminal equipment.  

... And, you you can also get more customized characteristics for the Pet GPS Tracker if you have more requirements.
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