Electric Scooter Sharing Solution

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The sharing electric scooters are prevalent in North America,Europe,Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The whole solution includes operation software, IoT device and rental electric scooters, which will solve the last one kilometer problems.

Omni provides one-station solution for sharing electric scooter including software and hardware.

What is hardware for electric scooter rental?

That is IoT device which we also can call elctric scooter lock which is built in IoT technology with smart abilities. 

About software 

1. User APP(Android,iOS),we also can call it electric scooter lock app.

2. Backend management system,electric scooter rental companies can check all the information on background that operated by server,

IoT device needs to be used with APP and server when sharing scooter business starts up.

scooter tracking device

IoT device monitoring is the great part of electric scooter rental business.It implements phone APP scan QR code to unlock and ride 

and locking automatically done after user paid the bill.And, it's also a GPS tracking device which supports precise positioning so that

users and scooter companies can track.The device is also monitoring the controller of scooter with scooters' riding speed,battery power,

riding modes,temperature reporting to server.

When looking for a better IoT solution which is not only eliminating manual management after analyzing traditional shortcomings of

the management of vehicles,the scooter plants and sharing scooter companies can take it as a electric scooter lock of security.

It's anti-theft as no one can ride before scanning the code for unlocking(After scanning the QR code,server will receive user's

information,riding time,riding mileage).

electric scooter lock app

What's more of IoT functionality of security?

Alerts include low power notification,illegal shaking and moving alarm,vehicles' fault reporting.And all the voice contents built in

IoT device can be customized. The device supports remote upgrade of IoT firmware as well.

What's advanced IoT technology of Omni

1. Local geo-fence

Whether to enter/exit the fence, it automatically controls the speed and no-riding operations,and can respond quickly 

without server intervention.

2. Inertial navigation

  It will combine with GNSS information such as speed, position and posture;

  Therefore, it can finish /correct vehicle positioning path when no satellite signal.

3. GNSS dual band frequency

  1) Improve the positioning accuracy;

  2) Suppress the influence of path effect;

  3) Improve the anti-interference ability;

So,this improves the receiver’s positioning performace in the city with tall buildings and other various complex environments.

Customized solutions for electric scooters can support the monitor and control of the e-scooter fleet.Electric scooters and

ride share companies can get data and make improvements to their vehicles.Moreover,when launching a rental e-scooter project,

various electric scooter locks and IoT devices can be integrated for the vehicles to work with smartphone APP.

By background management,the companies can do remotely control the escooters and check the data anytime anywhere.


IoT devices

Omni owns a strong R&D team for the whole IoT solution.All the IoT devices are passed Omni resistant tests such as tap test,

water test,drop test,crash test,temperature and humidity test,compression test,wireless communication test,mechanical stamping

test,random vibration test,salt spray test.

And most importantly,Omni supports great after-sales service for all shared micromobility.

All the appearance,functions,display specs can be customized.


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