IoT Device Compatible with an Electric Scooter APP and Fleet Management Software

OMNI supports IoT device and electric scooter APP and software for scooter rental projects.The IoT device is semi-embedded on steering tude of scooters controling and monitoring these vehicles when they're launched for mobility.

One of IoT applications: IoT device monitors all scooters for its sharing business

Electric scooter rental hardware: D128 IoT device

Electric scooter rental software: backstage,server and electric scooter app

OMNI owns IoT device and APP,backstage,the APP and backstage can be rent out

OMNI can custom your new electric scooter APP and backstage if necessary

The IoT device can be compatible with your own APP and backstage

The IoT device fits any electric scooters with various diameter of steering tubes

Advanced and mature IoT technology for any issues solved

Great after-sales service for perfect fleet management

D128 IoT device is an embedded IoT device which used in electric scooters,mopeds and other models.

The design idea of this IoT device is semi-embedded assembly,which is small,simple,beautiful,sturdy and beautiful.

The features of this IoT device

1,Bluetooth communication,network communication,

2,GPS positioning

3,Vehicles monitoring and controlling

4,Two optional communication methods for the IoT device and vehicles are UART communication and CAN communication.

The e-scooters rental companies can choose one of them for operations when they start up scooter sharing business.The IoT device can be upgraged in the coming future if needed since OMNI R&D team already reserved a WIFI module.

OMNI has 20-year experience of IoT technology.


IoT technology upgrade includes:

4G/BLE communication,local geo-fence,dual frequency inertial navigation,GPS precise positioning,HD audio alarm function,postural detection,OTA remote upgrade,semi-embedded type.


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electric scooter app


The IoT device is also an electric scooter lock with alarm supporting automatic lock and unlock the e-scooters.

1,Users use electric scooter lock app scans the QR code to unlock,then they can ride.

2,IoT device monitors all the positioning informations,postural detection,riding speed,the battery status,geofencing alerts and send it to server,electric scooter ride sharing companies can check it at backstage,it's great for fleet management.

3,The riders will pay and click "Bill and lock" after reaching to their destination.And the e-scooters would be locked until another rider scans to unlock and ride again.

The IoT device is built-in loudspeaker supporting voice alerts,store up to 60 seconds of voice content.And it supports turning on and off,volume adjusting,voice content supporting remote updates.


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The IoT device is made of environmental protection material,it's matte surface,hard-wear quality,impact resistance,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance.Long-time duration.


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OMNI creates parking beacon for standard parking anywhere to meet government regulation.


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