QR Locking and Unlocking With GPS Tracking System IoT Device for E-bikes

Rental electric bike IoT device works with ebike rental app is designed for reduced docking station and taking surety of success in E-bikes and normal cycling sharing system.

Communication method: 4G/BLE/RFID


Built-in battery: 6400/8000mAh

Water proof level: IPX7

Dimensions: 124*107*33.6mm

Cover material: plastic

Voice reminding: unlocking, locking, vibration alarm, vehicle shutdown, remote search, 

etc.; voice content supports remote update.

Mature IoT Device in E-bikes for Sharing and Rental Projects

The IoT device stays well on seat stays above rear tire of electric bikes.Most importantly,the device fits fat tires for some of e-bikes that e-bikes sharing companies are worrying about if traditional smart bike lock may not fit their fat tires. And this is to reduce docking station and taking surety of success in e-bikes.


How the IoT device works for E-bikes?

1,Connecting the device with e-bike rental app;

2,Phone app scan the QR code on IoT device or electric bikes for unlocking;

3,IoT device monitors positioning,historical tracking,postural detection,real-time information reporting,alarm with voice reminding;

4,Works with server,all the informations can be checked and controlled on backstage for ebikes management;

5,User finished riding,the locking is automatically done after payment;

6,RFID card unlocks(optional);

7,Supports communication with e-bikes' controller,monitors the controller to turn on/off through commands and EN feet to obtain ebikes power,cruising range,speed,gear,firmware version,riding time,riding mileage and other information,and supports 4G/BLE upgrade controller firmware;

8,Works with parking beacon,the standing parking of all electric bikes is implemented.


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