Equipped Display QR Code System Status Monitoring IoT Device for Escooter Rental

Escooters rental project needs a mature and sophisticated IoT device which is equipped with QR code scan to ride and automatic locking and unlocking for convenient launching and escooter rental business start-up.


Rental scooter's IoT device with display and IoT technology combination


High-definition audio function,built-in speaker,sending alerts

Max 60s voice content

OTA remote upgrades

Environmentally friendly,supports sustainable development

Matte finish,wear-resistant,impact-resistant,corrosion-resistant

High-temperature resistant

10000+tests passed,resistant tests passed

Rental Scooters Status Monitoring via IoT Device Built-in Precise Position GPS Tracking and 4G Technology


How to use the rental scooters with IoT monitoring?

1,User uses smartphone APP to scan the QR code on the display which is built into IoT device

2,User long presses the button,the unlocking command(after pressed the button on IoT device) received and sent to server,server sent the command to IoT device,after received the command,IoT device monitors and unlocks the rental scooter

3,The display on the IoT device shows the speed and buttons

4,Users check the speed,battery power,riding time,mileage

5,Users finished the riding and returned the scooters in a specific area,and the scooters locked automatically after payment


More about the products

Scooter rental companies can track the vehicles' status,real-time positioning,low battery alarming,geo-fencing setting,and other alerts of abnormal movement,vibration,the vehicle's fell into the ground.


OMNI's IoT device has 4G technology and GPS and Bluetooth,and this design is a combination of display and IoT technology.

We can do different design for different types of scooters with specific size and construction.Surely we make all IoT devices to meet government's regulations. 

The one that gets the most attention is anti-theft vehicles and well fleet management everywhere at anytime.


Rental electric scooters



IoT device



Control iot device over internet



iot device management



iot device monitoring

iot device control



iot device monitoring and control



iot remote monitoring device


OMNI Resistant Tests Passed


iot security

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