D128 IoT Device with QR System and GPS Tracker for Ebikes

Product: M128 IoT device

Applicable models: electric bikes,e-scooters

Communication mode between vehicle and IoT device: UART and CAN

Waterproof level: IP67

BLE 5.2 Connection

GPS tracking system

Built-in QR code system

Auto unlocking and locking

QR Activated IoT Devices and Mature Urban Mobility Solutions


The M128-IOT is an embedded IoT device for electric bikes,escooters and other models. This IoT device is a specific semi-embedded assembly design, exposed body is small, simple, beautiful, solid and reliable.

What functions do IoT devices have?

1, Users can connect the IoT devices via Bluetooth communication technology,and IoT devices can monitor and control rental ebikes.

2, The IoT devices work with software applications.

3, The IoT device supports dual-frequency multimode positioning + inertial navigation.

3, 4G network communication,UART communication / CAN communication

4, The smart device is built-in HD voice alarming.

5, Wide input voltage.

6, Geo fencing technology.

7, The smart device supports CAT1.

8, Divided into 4 versions, China, European, Australian, North American versions.


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More information about Geo-fence technology of IoT device

gps tracking system

ebike lock with alarm

e-bike security system


How does the IoT device work for rental ebikes?

Omni: IoT device connects controller of electric bikes,smart lock solutions are also part of iot devices with auto unlocking and locking system and built-in QR activated system,users scan the QR code via electric bikes app or mini program or browser and the ebikes can be unlocked after iot devices received the command.After the riding,users return the vehicles and pay,iot devices get the information and lock the vehicle,then another rider can take the vehicle again.

What are your operating models of software applications?

Omni: IoT devices work with software applications, there're many operation modes,such as personal mode,rental mode,group cycling,temporary parking,cycling monitoring,operational revenue,operational scheduling.

Can you do customized items?

Omni: Yes,we can do that.Omni provides IoT solutions such as hardware solutions and software applications.


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