IoT Device for Dockless Bike Sharing Business

The IoT device works with APP and server to implement bike's QR code scanning for locking and unlocking system,positioning,historical track,fleet management,voice reminding. Meet all the requirement for sharing bikes and bike rental projects.

Location:on seat stays above bicycle rear tire

Protection level IPX7

Multi-mode high-precision GPS positioning

BLE5.2 communication

4G LTE-Cat1 communication

HD voice broadcast

Wide working voltage

Solar charging function (optional)

UART/CAN vehicle communication

RFID card swiping (optional)

Ultra low power consumption

Size: 107mm*124mm*33.6mm

Omni IoT Device Meet Requirement for Sharing Bikes and Bikes Rental Business


Professional Urban Mobility Solutions and IoT GPS Tracker of Vehicles

The IoT device is simple, solid and reliable. 

The product has built-in functions such as 4G,GPS,BLE,power management,G-sensor and voice reminder.

By using advanced IoT technologies,this IoT device assists unsecurity and mismanagement of bicycles around the world.No more keys,no more artificial management.


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Omni specializes in hardware and software for sharing bikes.And the whole public bike share scheme includes IoT device,wheel lock,APP,backstage.

Software includes application and backstage.These can be rent out.Or Omni can help to customize all of them if needed.

With your own application and backstage,Omni can send you an integration guide and make sure everything is going through well.


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