OZ35 Cable Lock for Micromobility

OMNI makes cable lock with no keys using smartphone APP operations.The cable lock protects all vehicles from theft and loss with intelligence.Bluetooth communication and powerful alerts for the vehicle riders and fleet management team.

OMNI cable lock with Dia 8MM thicker cable  

Standby time:180 days(solar charging not included)

Lithium battery:3.7V/700mAh

Solar panel:6V/200mA

Charge input:DC5V/1A

Charging time:2-3 hours

OMNI Manufactures Cable Lock for Bikes Ebikes Scooters Mopeds Motorcycles


OZ35 cable lock is a smart lock manufactured by OMNI for the security of vehicles.

It can be a bike cable lock,scooter lock,and a security lock for other micromobility.


What are features of cable lock?

1, Two unlocking methods: one is to unlock through smartphone APP,the other is to manually press the button to unlock.

2, Abnormal movement alarming,when the vehicles are locked but moving,the cable lock will send out alarm signal.

3, Set unique password,anti-theft.

4, Battery power,current speed and maximum speed is indicated on smartphone APP.

5, Support solar charging

6,Share with friends: add a sub-account,and share to friends so they can connect the cable lock.


More specifications:


Net weight:350g

Length of cable:1 meter


Material:PA66+GF30%+aluminium alloy



smart lock

cable lock


No keys needed with this smart cable lock.

It can be unlocked through Bluetooth using smartphone APP after password set between the cable lock and the mobile APP.

Users can click the unlock button on APP to unlock it.

And the cable lock is keyless locking,It's one-step locking with a snap-in lock catch.

The cable lock is equipped with solar charging panel,longer battery life for vehicles.

The cable lock passed more than 10000 tests and high water proof level IPX6. 

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