Sharing Bikes M136 IoT Device

The IoT device monitors all bikes and it is built-in GPS tracking system for bikes and supports QR code unlocking and locking for all bicycles.

Advanced IoT technology:

1,Local geo-fence

2,GNSS double frequency technology

3,Inertial navigation

Water proof level:IPX7

Exacting resistant test

Custom available 

IoT Device Monitors Sharing Bikes When Launching or Starting a Bike Sharing Service


The IoT device is a smart bike lock and a lock of security for bikes.

When public bikes launched in cities,sharing bikes companies worry about someone stealing their bikes,this IoT device which is made of firm

plastic cover is not easy to be broken and the bikes can not be moving once locked.


The IoT device supports QR locking and unlocking system.

Users scan the QR code for unlocking the bikes.When they end their journey,they pay and the lock would be automatically done.Convenient.


The IoT device is with GPS tracking system.

It is built-in GPS precise positioning system.The bike share companies or bicycle plants can track all the vehicles at backend software.

And historical track is available as well.

IoT device

smart bike lock

urban mobility solutions

bike sharing system


High Definition Audio

     1, Voice types: unlocking, locking, vibration alarm, vehicle shutdown, remote car search, etc.; Voice content supports remote updates.

    2, Supports turning on and off,volume adjusting 

    3,Store up to 60 seconds of voice content


     Postural detection for vehicles

Sensor built-in with speed sensor measures the movement of your vehicles through 3 axis:up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards.


Standardized parking

The smart IoT device works with parking beacon to support fixed parking,no clutter.


Water proof IoT device

High level IPX7

Stay well and still works when raining

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