QR System with GPS Tracker IoT Device for E-bikes Sharing Project

Omni has the knowledge and IoT technology providing smart lock system for ebikes business and rentals with the ability for guests to unlock the ebikes by themselves.

Name: M136B,new IoT device

Fits most of electric bikes,fit big tires for e-bikes

Protection level IPX7

Multi-mode high-precision GPS positioning

BLE 5.2 communication

4G LTE-Cat1 communication

HD voice broadcast

Wide working voltage

UART/CAN vehicles communication

Ultra low power comsumption

IoT Solutions for Shared Mobility and Ebikes Fleet


The E-bike sharing project IoT device is part of urban mobility solutions that is a GPS enabled smart lock with IoT functionality for ebikes hire company to launch their vehicles in national park,hotels,public cities,tourist attractions.

1, IoT device monitoring

The device connects controller of electric bikes,and controls the controller on or off through commands and EN pins,then it can obtain real-time positioning,ebikes power,riding speed,gear,firmware version,riding time,riding mileage etc.,it could also support 4G/BLE to upgrade controller firmware.

2, QR system with iot GPS tracker

The IoT device works greatly with server and phone app.User uses phone app scan QR code for unlocking and locking automatically.This is the best help to eliminate human managemet,no labor cost and there's also a huge contrast with traditional smart bike lock or past ebikes sharing service.So we call it an iot based project.

Real-time positioning is much important for users and ebikes sharing rental companies,so the device has bulit-in GPS tracking system.So we also can call it a GPS tracking device.

3, Connect IoT device over Internet

4G communication:the device uses TCP or MQTT communication protocal to the cloud server (the SIM card is required to enable traffic),which can remotely switch the lock,obtain power information,report positioning information and alerts,and it also gets firmware information and supports firmware OTA upgraded.

BLE communication:the device uses BLE to communicate with electric bikes app to implement unlocking and locking,with obtaining information of device,OTA upgrading etc..

4, IoT device management platform

Omni could rent out applications and backstage when using the device for any types of vehicles.All the things we mentioned above can controlled by server and electric bike rental companies would use the software to take care of their fleet.

iot device

The advantage of Omni IoT technology

1,Local geo-fence solution

The server instructs the IoT device to control the speed of vehicles and prohibit riding,this leads to consumption of IoT traffic,low response and increasing server overhead.Now,Omni uses local geofence technology so that IoT devices automatically control the speed and riding operation whether to enter or exit the fence.Response quickly without server intervention.

2,Inertial navigation

It will combine with GNSS information such as speed,position and posture.Therefore,it can finish and correct positioning path when no satellite signal.

3,GNSS double frequency technology

This improves the receiver's positioning performance in the city with tall buildings.


iot hardware

IoT solutions


IoT device and parking beacon

By using parking beacon,standard parking is implemented.That meets public cities regulations for all vehicles' parking.


urban mobility solutions

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