Smart Helmet Locks Work with IoT Devices for Escooters Sharing

This integrated system ensures that the helmet is securely stored when not in use and can only be accessed by authorized users. It also provides data and control features to enhance the user experience and operational efficiency of the shared escooters.

Product: helmet lock for escooter rental projects

Brand: Omni

Communication method: UART/CAN

Input voltage: DC24V-48V

Working current: ≤100mA@36V

Working temperature: -20-+60℃

Waterproof rating: IPX6

Steel cable lock and helmet lock,2 in 1 design

2 in 1 Design of Steel Cable Lock and Helmet Lock 


This smart helmet lock is the combination of steel cable lock and helmet lock.It's not only for security of helmets on sharing vehicles,but also for working greatly with IoT devices,ensure the smooth operation of the shared electric scooter project.

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How does the smart lock work with IoT device using IoT technology?

1, User Interaction: The riders use a smartphone to scan the QR code on IoT device or vehicles to access the IoT system.

2, Authentication: The user authenticates themselves through the scooter sharing app,ensuring they have the proper authorization to use the scooter.

3, Lock Control: The IoT device communicates with the smart helmet lock,which is either built into the scooter or designed as an accessory.It sends a command to unlock the helmet lock,allowing the user to access their helmet.

4, Monitoring: The IoT system monitors the helmet lock's status and IoT devices' status to ensure it remains secure while the user is riding the scooter.

5, Ride Tracking: The IoT system can also track the ride,including distance,time,and location,which is useful for billing and security purposes.

6. Locking After Use: Once the ride is complete, the IoT device sends a command to re-lock the helmet, ensuring it's securely stored for the next user.

7, End of Ride: The user concludes the ride and completes the process through the app, which may include ending the ride, making a payment, and providing feedback.

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