Smart Parking Lock

The smart parking lock is for personal car parks and sharing car parking near me for all drivers.Easier management with remote control.

Product type: parking lock

Material: Aluminum shell

Sensor: Ultrasonic sensor

Stand-by current: <0.5mA

Storage temperature: -40°C-+80°C

Temperature: -10°C-+60°C

Humidity: 5%-95%

Waterproof level: IP67

Parking Lock Supports Smart Parking and Whole Car Parking System Works with APP and Software


The specification of smart parking lock

1, Smart parking lock is built-in buzzer;

2, Smart parking lock can work well in rainy days;

3, The smart parking lock is equipped with ultrasonic sensor;

4, Working well with smart parking app and remote control;

5,For personal parking space,for sharing parking,the smart locks are intelligent.


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How to use smart parking lock?

1, Put the smart car parking lock at designated parking space.

2, Use the remote control to monitor the parking lock or download and install the parking lock Omni's dedicated smart parking APP,and create an account.

3,Secure your parking space or operate your parking space,use the smart parking app or a designed remote control to activate the smart car parking lock.The lock will physical engage,so that personal parking space or shared parking spots can be monitored.

4, When drivers want to access the parking space,use the app or remote control to deactivate the smart parking lock.The lock will disengage,allowing users or drivers to park their vehicles.

5, To monitor: operators use the app to monitor the status of parking spaces.You can check whether it's currently locked or unlocked.

6, Check the battery or power source and charge or replace it as needed.

7, If encounter issues with your smart car parking lock,consult the user manual or contact the Omni's customer support for assistance.


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