Analyze the Explosive Cable Lock in 2023

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The cable lock is a lock made of high-strength steel wire.

It can be locked without a key.It is used in various scenarios such as motorcycles,electric bikes,escooters and bicycles.


cable lock

1,Basic characteristics of cable locks


It is mainly used for hoisting, traction,tensioning,and bearing,and its rope is also called a steel cable.This type of steel cable lock has high strength,and has many characteristics 

such as light weight,stable working condition,and not easy to break.It is widely used in many industries such as steel,chemical industry,transportation,and port operations. 

The types of steel cables inclede phosphating coating,galvanized,stainless steel,smooth steel cables,etc..Among them,galvanized steel cables have the most corrosion

resistance,while phosphating coated steel cables have good wear resistance,corrosion resistance.


2, Points to pay attention to when purchasing

When purchasing cable locks,the first thing to look at is whether the DIN mark is printed on the pressure sleeve,and the manufacturer's name,CE mark,etc. are also required.

There is also whether the pressing is correct,whether the end of the pressed steel cable can be pressed most tightly by the pressure sleeve,and whether the diameter of 0.5d is 

exposed inside and outside. Whether the end of the suppressed rope can be seen through the control hole,whether the steel cable can be kept straight when it is laid flat,and 

whether the diameter of the steel cable is the standard size.


3,Points to pay attention to during use

When using cable locks in a damp and open air,galvanized cable locks are suggested which has the anti-rust ability.

In addition to the wear of the outer layer of the steel cable rope,when it bypasses the hook and the object to be hung repeatedly, it will cause metal fatigue of the lock,and then 

there will be a breakage phenomenon,and then the hook and the object to be hung and the steel cable diameter ratio determines the life of the steel cable rigging,which is a 

very important factor. Furthermore,when the surface of the cable lock is worn,and the degree of corrosion and the number of broken cables per twist exceed the specified

instruction,it must be scrapped and cannot be used.

bike cable lock


In short,cable locks are widely used and are the first choice for many people to purchase as a smart lock.OMNI has a Bluetooth cable lock.

On the basis of original cable lock,it has been added intelligent functions such as connection and unlocking via Bluetooth on Mobile APP.

OMNI's cable lock supports USB fast charging,automatic alarming,which is more line with the needs from vehicles rental industry.

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