Vehicle Tracking Failure? Three ways to solve this problem!

2023-02-02 17:25:08 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

Now the vehicle is a must-have item for each family,and it is essential to install a gps locator for the vehicle.But after installation,the gps locator fails,what should I do? 

OMNI teaches you how to solve the problem of vehicle tracking failure from three directions!


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1,Unable to receive GPS signal

Firstly,confirm whether the sim card in the GPS device of the vehicle tracking system is in arrears.Secondly,if it is a battery-powered GPS device,confirm whether he battery is sufficient.Thirdly,whether a signal jammer is installed.


2,The vehicle trajectory drifts and is chaotic,and the vehicle trajectory cannot be observed correctly.

The reasons for this situation are: first,the vehicle is equipped with a signal jammer,which causes the device to receive unstable signals,second,when the vehicle passes through areas with poor GPRS signals such as tunnels,high-rise buildings,and airports,the update of location information is unstable.


3,The GPS signal is not updated.

It may be caused by the GPS device falling,the vehicle is not moving,or the vehicle gps tracker is being removed. 


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From the above three aspects,99% of fleet vehicle tracker failure problems can be solved.If you are interested in best car gps tracker no monthly fee,you can check more information from OMNI Intelligent Technology.

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