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A smart helmet lock is needed.

With the promulgation of the policy that each vehicle needs a safe helmet,people must wear helmets in their daily lives,

but helmets are very inconvenient for normal office workers and will bring troubles to travel and life.Smart helmet lock

came into being to solve the problem of people's travel convenience.Shenzhen OMNI Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd will 

introduce those points for everyone.


The process of helmet lock for bike  

Electric bikes and bicycles need to be equipped with new intelligent helmets.The upgraded version of the smart helmet base

is installed in a special basket in front of the bicycles and electric bikes or on the tube of vehicles.Users must first turn on the helmet lock

through the smartphone APP,and then unlock the ride after taking off the helmet.


At the same time,when people scan the code to unlock,the helmet lock will be open in 1 second,and the rental electric bikes

will have a voice prompt:"Please wear a helmet and ride safely". If the cyclist being detected is not wearing a helmet,

the vehicle cannot be started,which adds to the safety of riding,which can guarantee the safety of riders.


helmet lock


The features of the bicycle helmet lock

It is reported that the reaction is in response to the Public Security Associations which call "one helmet is for an e-bike and bikes".

This is the action to regulate the wearing of helmets for security.The upgraded version of the helmet not only inherits the safety

and intelligence of the previous generation of helmets, but also integrates capacitive sensing and attitude sensing,and has the

function of riding and wearing monitoring.Riders can be detected with the helmet's help through the built-in sensor.


The biggest feature of the "upgraded version"smart helmet is that the vehicle can not be started without wearing the helmet.

After the rideshare is done,people need to return the helmet in the basket correctly before the vehicle will be returned and settled

normally.When returning the vehicle,the helmet must be with the outside of the helmet which is facing up.Correct placement can 

avoid the embarrassment of rainwater and sundries which will get the helmets dirty.


smart helmet lock


Sharing helmets bring convenience of wearing helmets when people travel,and also provides protection for people's travel.OMNI's

helmet lock is safe and anti-theft.It's easy to operate and get super long battery life.It is convenient to borrow and return,and can be

applied to various scenarios.Contact us if need more details of smart helmet locks.

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