OMNI Smart Bike Lock Going Wild with Unequalled Capacity

2023-03-09 16:35:53 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

Everyone knows smart bike lock.

When we talk about horseshoe locks,many people may be relatively unfamiliar with those smart locks,but when it comes to bikeshare or e bike hire,everyone must be familiar with it.The core key controlling the rental bikes is the smart bike locks.How to apply intelligent smart bike lock to bicycles requires a fully understanding,it needs a complete set of bicycle sharing system.Regarding the bike sharing programs,OMNI will share a complete bike sharing solution including smart bike lock,bluetooth bike lock.All of them are with intelligence and great help for vehicles sharing industry.


smart bike lock

The smart bike lock is the necessary core hardware to support the entire system of shared bicycles.Although the OMNI locks for ride sharing services

look small and exquisite,its internal structure is not simple.The entire system for controlling shared bicycles is directed by the smart bike lock and

bluetooth bike lock.


bluetooth bike lock


OMNI smart bike locks are built-in IoT technology.

As an important part of the bike sharing programs,the smart bike lock is actually very particular about the internal composition,because when consumers use a rental bicycle,they need to scan the code to unlock,and scanning the QR code to unlock involves many aspects,such as servers,databases,APPs,etc.These data need to be coordinated in all aspects,unified customization or self-development,in order to achieve technical functions such as user using app to scan the QR code to unlock the bike or electric bike,billing and so on.


bicycle sharing system


Therefore,in actual use,it can be seen that the importance of smart bike lock for bike share and ebike sharing is obvious.If you have a need for smart bike lock and the whole solution for bike sharing business,you can come to SHENZHEN OMNI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY COMPANY to check relevant smart bike locks on the official website.

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