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The popularity and importance shared micromobility

The popular shared micromobility has solved the problems of slow and inefficient commuting,high travel prices,and environmental protection.It has been rapidly popularized in the United States.Shared electric scooter has become the first choice for citizens to choose for the last-mile travel.

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Shared micromobility refers to a small mode of transportation driven by people or elecric motors with a speed below 50km/h.Bicycle sharing,rental e bike,and mobility scooter rental all fall into this category.In 2019,McKinsey estimated the size of the market of shared micromobility in 2030.In a conservative scenario,the shared microbility market in the United States is 200 billion U.S. dollars,and it reaches 300 billion U.S.dollars in an optimistic scenario.We tailor electric scooter lock for shared scooters,solving the last step before putting them into use.


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The development of rental electric scooters

The epidemic has promoted the popularity of electric scooters in Europe,and the European shared mobility market is second only to the United States.McKinsey estimates the size of the micromobility market in Europe at $100 billion,and in an optimistic scenatio,it will reach $150 billion,second only to the United States.Benefiting from the epidemic,in May 2020,the sales of electric scooters in Europe also increased significantly.Italy increased by nearly 9 times,the UK increased by nearly 8 times,France increased by 380%,and Spain,which has a large volume itself,also increased by 280%.


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Shared electric scooters become more popular.

Scooters are popular all over the world,and electric scooter ride sharing companies have increased their numbers one after another.In Europe,shared electric scooters are very popular among local people.Shared e scooter brands have increased their financing the entered the field of shared scooters.The rise of shared electric scooters will directly drive the sales growth of elecric scooters.In addition to European companies,Lime has also launched shared electric scooters in Paris and Zurich.As a manufacturer of electric scooter lock,OMNI can provide effective support for your industry.

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