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The working principle of smart bike lock

Now, rental electric bikes and ride share bikes are used every day. Do you know how the smart locks work?

In principle,it costs a lot of power to drive mechanical devices,and there's not a lot of power on a bike and it is not practical to charge the bicycle frequently.

Even if there is a solar panel charger equipped on a bike with the help of smart bike locks,the power is still very precious.The electronic device of the smart bike lock should save power as much as possible,and do not consume a lot of power when locking and unlocking the smart bike lock. The bayonet is used to close the lock wire and is used in conjunction with the latch.The card bolt is stuck in the bayonet to ensure that the smart bike lock can not be moved,which has the effect of locking the bicycle wheel. 


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There're two working methods of smart bike lock.

1,When locking.

When it's locking,the spring 1 is in a relaxed state,the latch is pushed against the bayonet of the dead bolt,and the dead bolt cannot move.The dead bolt passes through the bicycle wheel and the wheel is locked.The motor module is in the closed state,the spring 2 is in the compressed state,and it does not move against the latch.If the latch is loose,the lock can be opened manually.

2,Unlocking process.

After user scanned the code via bicycle rental app ,the shared bicycle information will be sent to the server via mobile phone APP,and the server issues an unlock command to he shared bicycle.First,the motor starts to work,and through the transmission device composed of gears,the latch is pulled up and away from the bayonet.At the same time,the latch compresses the spring 2. On the bayonet of the lock ring,there is no blocking of the lock bolt,and the pulling force of the spring 1 against the lock ring will quickly pull the lock ring back.With a whoosh,the lock ring retracted from the bicycle wheel to the inside of the lock,and the wheel of the shared bicycle was liberated and free.It unlocked successfully.The position of the bayonet on the deadbolt is moved to another place,and the latch cannot affect the deadbolt. One end of the latch is supported by the spring 2,and the other end is supported by the dead bolt.The motor does not need to control the latch,the motor is turned off,and the unlocking is successful!


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 The development of previous mechanical locks

There're mechanical locks being used on early shared bicycles,similar to the briefcases with passwords which is popular in the 1980s and 1990s and the locks with password for trolley cases that are necessary for travel today.That is to say,the user must manually input the password or toggle the combination lock to the correct password position to unlock it.This method of unlocking only needs to solve one problem,that is,how to send the password to the user's mobile phone.It is not difficult to acheive this.First,the user scans the QR code on the vehicle body to obtain the number of the shared bicycle.The obtained vehicle number will be sent back to the server via smartphone APP,and the server then finds the corresponding password in the database according to the number,and finally send the password to the user,and the user can unlock it manually after getting the password.


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OMNI Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd focuses on high-tech smart bike lock for bike share and electric locks.Our production mode and process has already departed from the early lock,and we have integrated our own technology into functions that are more convenient and accessible to people.

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