Model C Built-in IoT Smart Lock for Ebike Rental

The ebike rental smart lock supports 3 unlocking methods: phone APP scan QR code to unlock,RFID card unlocks,remotely unlock through server command.Streamlined rentals via app, secure locking system, real-time tracking, and data insights for efficient fle

Product: Anti-theft electric bike lock

Alerts: moving ebikes without unlocking will trigger alarm to server

Buzzer alarm with local geo-fence technology

Electric sharing solution:smart lock,ebikes,electric bikes APP,backstage

Omni supports rental software or creats new APP and background if needed.

Surely,there's an integration guide with your own APP and backstage.

This electric bike lock is suitable for bicycle as well.

Color,appearance,functions can be customized.

With Omni's IoT technology,this smart lock is a smart electric bike lock for ebike sharing company for best vehicles management.

The smart lock is also a GPS tracking device requested from ebikes plant.It has QR code system to power on the ebikes automatically.

For example:you can put your electric bikes in a couple of vacation home rentals with the ability for guests to unlock the bikes by themselves.And the APP accepts the payments and then unlocks the bike.


How does the electric bike lock work? 

1,User scans the QR code to unlock and ride.

2,You can check where all the vehicles are through backstage which is supported via server.

3,After the riding finished,users paid and returned it to any public parking place.

4,You can track and trace.

5,You can get the notification if the vehicles were moving without unlocking,or any other postural detection if the vehicles are falling to ground.


electric bike lock system


bike locks for electric bikes


The particular functions of the smart lock for ebike rental



Support single positioning and continuous positioning mode (continuous positioning mode is not recommended for connecting bicycles, which consumes high power), and remotely issue instructions to obtain current vehicle position information. Support GPS, GLONASS and BD (optional).

2G/4G communication

Through server commands,you can remotely obtain the vehicle's location,battery power, temperature and other information;remotely set the vehicle's maximum riding speed,low battery alarm value,etc. (requires controller support).

WIFI positioning

WIFI auxiliary positioning (optional)

Serial communication

Communicate with the controller through UART,the electric bike lock is the master and the controller is the slave.

Bluetooth unlock

Supports Bluetooth 4.0 communication.When the mobile phone APP scans the QR code on the lock,it sends an instruction to the server through the user's mobile phone network.After receiving the instruction,the server issues an unlock instruction to the APP, and the APP then issues instructions to the lock via Bluetooth to unlock the lock .

Network unlocking

When the mobile phone APP scans the QR code on the lock, the APP sends an instruction to the lock, and the lock uploads the instruction to the server through the network. After receiving the instruction, the server issues an unlock instruction to the lock to unlock the lock.


OTA & BLE.The lock supports remote firmware upgrade through the server and controller firmware upgrade (controller support is required).

Vibration detection

There is an acceleration sensor in the lock to detect vehicle vibration.When the lock is in the locked state,and vehicle vibration is detected,the lock will actively send instructions to notify the server.

Fault reporting

Vehicle faults can be reported to the server through the lock (controller support is required).


e bike security system


Questions and Answers

1,We are intersted in a solution for 100 ebikes.We need a solution for locking and unlocking from the app, and also a tracking app for the 100 units.Is it possible to use a different app for tracking the elements?

Omni: This built-in IoT smart bike lock is unlocking from the app,locking manually.Our another IoT device of electric bikes have the ability for locking and unlocking from the app.And you can use your own APP to integrate with Omni smart locks.


2,I currently have a shared scooter program at a university.I am wanting to open ebike sharing at another university.

Omni:It's absolutely available.Omni has the knowledge and technology for all vehicles as all IoT devices and smart bike locks are mature.Omni has own APP and backstage as well. And Omni can create new ones if  needed or arrange the integration with your own controller,APP,background.


3,I was wondering if I would be able to get a sample unit or purchase a single one.I work for an ebike manufacturer and we want to see if this is capable on our bikes.

Omni: Yes, we could support sample first for testing and help to make it correctly on different bikes and ebikes before bulk order as we need make sure everything is going well.


4,I'm electronic engineer in Brazil, I received a batch of ebikes equiped with your omni smart lock V.2.4A device last week, so I need your help to know its connection diagram and its wire functions in order to do maintenance and instalations.

Omni: We could send you anything to help regarding the integration,connection diagram,funtions.Certainly, Omni supports great after-service for monitoring any vehicles besides of rental and sharing projects.

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