Do You Know About Smart Bike Lock for Sharing Bikes?

2022-10-19 09:11:49 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

Shared bicycles have now become a part of everyone's daily life,and most of them would encounter the problem of unlocking when using sharing bikes.

With the advancement of technology,the unlocking methods of smart locks of bike share are becoming more and more diverse and mature.Now Omni will share with you what changes have been experienced in bike sharing industry from the beginning to the present.

Sharing bike


1,Purely mechanical shared bicycle lock

At the beginning,everyone must know about some bike rideshare companies like Chinese Ofo,the sharing bicycle was unlocked a purely mechanical method.The user scans the QR code,obtains the password through the mobile phone software,and manually turns the dial to achieve unlock.There is no technical point,it's atraditional combination lock,and it is a dial type,you need to manually disturb the combination dial after use,otherwise it can be considered to be open all the time.

2,Bluetooth communication shared bicycle lock

The principle of Bluetooth unlocking is that the user can communicate with Bluetooth module in the smart bicycle lock through the mobile phone Bluetooth,and send the information to the server,the background management system sends the unlockging command to the APP which installed in the user's smartphone,and the user's mobile phone receives the information from background.After the command of background management system,from the work of Bluetooth in smart bike lock and Bluetooth in mobile phone,the sharing bike unlocks.In addition,the Bluetooth chip can also obtain the real-time location information of shared bicycle by sharing the GPS positioning of the mobile phone,and transmit the information to the clound platform.

3,Built-in IoT smart bike lock

When we use a sharing bike,we can scan the code with our mobile phone and click the "unlock"button to unlock the vehicle.After riding and locking,without operating on the mobile phone,the system can also judge that we have finished using the bicycle.These functions are mainly achieved through the Internet of Things technology.


Smart bike lock


In the process of the user scanning the code to unlock the smart bike lock,the shared bicycle cloud system gets it as well.The background will recoard the identity (ID) of the user and the identity(ID) of the vehicle.

In short,the system needs to know who used that bike.Record the user ID is for subsequent payment.To record the vehicle identity,the cloud system needs to send an unlock instruction to the sharing bike through the GPRS network.

The cloud system completes the instructions issued by the server,while the shared bicycles receive the instructions issued by server through the communication module installed inside.

The communication is bidirectional,and the system can issue commands to unlock the vehicles.When the rider automatically locked the bicycle after use,the communication module also uploads the vehicle status to the system.The system would casculate the cost incurred by the user for using the bicycle.

The way of unlocking is becoming more and more intelligent,convenient and safe.Omni is creating and developing a more convenient and safe way of unlocking.

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