What is a Powerful Built-in IoT Moped Tracker for Moped Solution?

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  Some Problems of Shared Electric Mopeds without Built-in IoT Moped Tracker

       When it comes to shared electric mopeds,early impressions were all about convenience,affordability,and intelligence.But now,more people are noticing various problems such as indiscriminate parking,obstructing sidewalks,and disrupting regular traffic,leading to continuous complaints from residents.In response,municipal management departments are intensifying efforts to regulate shared electric mopeds and implementing policies to standardize their parking management.



       The Invention of IoT devices and built-in IoT Mope Tracker

  So,is there a smart device in the shared electric moped industry that can address these issues effectively?The answer is YES.In the management of shared electric mopeds,there exists a powerful tool known as an IoT device or built-in IoT moped tracker.These IoT devices enable designated parking,facilitating vertical parking of shared electric mopeds and solving the problem of indiscriminate parking.

  Independently developed high-precision positioning IoT devices and moped trackers are equipped with high-accuracy GPS chips,geomagnetic sensors,gyroscopes,and other precise sensors.Combined with electronic platform stations,these devices use algorithms to determine the location where vehicles are parked,as well as the orientation and vertical angle of the vehicles relative to the road,enabling settlement upon docking and vertical parking to standardize vehicle parking and facilitate management.

  For example,when users finish their rides and return the moped,they need to park the vehicle within the designated return area on the road(which can be viewed via the moped app).Simultaneously,the front wheel must be placed perpendicular to the curb.After the vehicle emits an audio prompt saying"parking is standardized,"users can click on the app to complete the return process and end billing.Otherwise,the return process will fail.

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         IoT Technology Helps a lot for Urban Mobility

  Since its launch and market promotion in 2020,this IoT technology has significantly improved the effectiveness of user returns,achieving precise and orderly parking of shared bikes,rental electric bikes and electric mopeds,thereby addressing the problem of indiscriminate parking and helping government and enterprises standardize vehicle management.

  In conjunction with other precise parking technologies developed by companies such as OMNI Intelligence,including parking beacons,RFID,AI cameras,etc.,besides enabling vertical parking,vehicles can also be parked at designated locations and orientations.This ensures consistent vehicle placement order and reasonable spacing,facilitating access for others.

  With IoT devices or built-in moped trackers in the shared electric moped industry,it is promising that users will park more responsibly,urban mobility will be more orderly,and urban development will become more harmonious.

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