IoT Device Monitoring and Control for Fleet Management

This IoT device is for vehicles remote control and has 4G network remote control,GPS real-time positioning,Bluetooth communication,vibration detection,anti-theft alarm and other functions.The IoT device communicates with the backend and mobile APP.

IoT device: for fleet manufacturers,fleet tracking,remote control

Positioning:GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou,Galileo,WIFI assistant location system

Communication with controller:UART

Communication with cloud server:TCP socket

Waterproof and dustproof:IP67

SIM card: Micro size(Micro-SIM)

The device's dimension: L109MM*W58MM*H21.2MM(not including the wire)

Storage temperature:-40℃~+80℃

Cover material:PC+10%GF

This is one of the very best iot applications for fleet management,such as private cars,electric bike,motorcycle,construction machine,agricultural machine,mopeds,electric scooters.

With an iot device monitoring for those vehicles,the companies or users can control iot device remotely over internet and backstage.For the vehicles management,we need an iot device management platform.It includes iot hardware which we call iot device,and the software of mobile APP and backstage.We could check where those vehicles are,how they perform and get to know more informations when renting them out and work in process for companies and users.The iot device is for security,tracking and management.

Here below is the M113 IoT device which is one of the iot projects.

iot device

What iot technologies OMNI put in the IoT device for fleet management?


2,GPS tracking,historical track playback

3,Power monitoring

4,Low power consumption

5,Over-speed warning,vibration warning

6,Vehicle control

7,OTA upgrade

Through 4G network,this IoT device works with backstage,Bluetooth,mobile APP for data interaction and transfer as to monitor and report vehicles'real-time positioning and other status.


iot remote monitoring device

IoT Device Monitoring and Control

iot connectivity

This 113 IoT device provides multiple solutions for monitoring different vehicles,such as fat tire electric bikes,electric mopeds,cars and so on.

Please refer to below solution of fat tire electric bikes.The IoT devices are installed where there is no metal shield.

remote iot monitoring devices


 More over,below is the solution of e-mopeds.

control iot device remotely


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