Providing IoT Devices and Software for Smart Electric Bikes

2024-03-18 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0


In this case study, we'll delve into how our company partnered with electric bike sharing operators to enhance their services through the integration of our IoT technology.


Client Overview:

Our client, an electric bike sharing operator operating in Korea, sought to optimize their fleet management, enhance user experience, and improve operational efficiency. With an increasing demand for sustainable transportation options, they recognized the importance of adopting advanced technologies to stay competitive in the market.

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IoT Solution of Electric Bikes Provided:

Our client successfully launched their electric bikes in Yonsei University in Korea and got a lot of compliments of precise positioning and smooth process.


The key elements of our ebike system included:


IoT devices and smart bike lock for options: Our intelligent locking system equipped each electric bike with a secure and automatic locking and unlocking controlled remotely via electric bike APP(To be mentioned,our customers can use our electric bike APP or we can arrange integration with their own electric bike APP).

GPS Tracking and Geofencing: Integrated GPS tracking enabled real-time monitoring of electric bike locations, while geofencing functionalities allowed for the creation of virtual boundaries to manage ebike distribution and ensure compliance with designated parking zones.

User Authentication and Payment Integration: Seamless user authentication through mobile apps and payment integration enabled convenient and secure access to bike-sharing services, enhancing user experience and streamlining the rental process.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Our software platform provided operators with valuable insights into rider behavior, usage patterns, and fleet performance through comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools.

Implementation and Results:

Upon implementation of our smart hardware and software solution, the electric bike sharing operator experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, user satisfaction, and overall business performance.


Below are some photos of iot devices and smart bike locks.They can be for sharing bikes,rental electric bikes,electric scooters sharing business.

smart bike locks


Key outcomes included:


Reduction in Operational Costs: Automated fleet management and remote monitoring capabilities led to a decrease in operational costs associated with manual bike tracking and maintenance.

Enhanced User Experience: The seamless user authentication process and intuitive mobile app interface improved user satisfaction and encouraged repeat usage of the bike-sharing services.

Increased Fleet Utilization: Optimized bike distribution and real-time availability information facilitated higher fleet utilization rates, maximizing revenue generation opportunities for the operator.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Access to actionable insights enabled data-driven decision-making, allowing the operator to optimize service areas, pricing strategies, and operational workflows for better business outcomes.

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By leveraging our expertise in ebikes system,our client overcome operational challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities in the rapidly evolving mobility landscape. Through collaborative partnership and IoT technology integration, we remain committed to driving positive impact and delivering value to our clients across various industries.

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