Case Study of Intelligent Electric Mopeds Application

2024-03-18 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

As smart technology continues to advance, smart electric mopeds are gradually becoming a new choice for urban transportation, entering people's lives. This case study will introduce how a company utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) devices and software systems to provide comprehensive IoT solutions for smart electric mopeds, thus realizing the vision of smart mobility.

iot devices

Customer Profile:

Our customer is a company dedicated to providing smart mobility solutions, aiming to improve urban traffic congestion, enhance travel efficiency, and promote environmental friendliness through technological innovation. Their goal is to make smart electric mopeds the preferred choice for urban short-distance travel, providing users with convenient, environmentally friendly, and smart travel options.


IoT Solution Offered:

OMNI IoT collaborated with smart electric vehicle manufacturers to provide a comprehensive smart solution, including IoT devices and software systems.


IoT Devices: We equipped electric mopeds with advanced IoT devices, including sensors, GPS modules, communication modules, etc., enabling real-time monitoring and remote control of vehicle location, status, battery level, etc..

Software Systems: We developed customized software systems, including vehicle management platforms, user moped apps, etc., enabling functions such as remote vehicle control, location navigation, user authentication, and payment, thereby enhancing user experience and management efficiency.

moped APP


Implementation and Results:

Through IoT solution for smart electric mopeds, the customer achieved the following results.


Improved Travel Convenience: Users can use the moped app to instantly find nearby available smart electric mopeds and perform operations such as reservation, unlocking, and navigation, greatly enhancing travel convenience.

Increased Energy Utilization Efficiency: IoT devices accurately monitor and manage the battery level of electric mopeds, optimizing the charging and swapping processes, and improving energy utilization efficiency.

Enhanced Management Efficiency: The vehicle management platform provides real-time monitoring, data analysis, etc., assisting operators in optimizing vehicle scheduling, fault prediction, and other management tasks.

Improved User Experience: Users experience not only reduced traffic congestion but also smart and environmentally friendly travel through smart electric mopeds, enhancing user satisfaction.

urban mobility solution



Through collaboration with smart electric mopeds manufacturers, our company has provided a comprehensive smart solution for smart mobility, promoting the intelligent and environmentally friendly development of urban transportation. In the future, we will continue to focus on the application of innovative technology, providing users with more convenient, efficient, and smart travel experiences, and jointly building green and intelligent urban mobility solutions.

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