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  Ever since the popularity of Mobike and Ofo,an increasing number of shared bikes have emerged in the public eye.Despite their diverse types,they have not quite matched the momentum of Mobike and Ofo.Looking around,shared bikes of various colors and shapes fill the streets and alleys,but there is not much difference among them.

  Whether it's sharing bikes or sharing electric bikes,both are built on the foundation of the internet.Without a comprehensive and stable online platform,everything is nothing.The OMNI Intelligent Sharing Platform aims to provide a complete shared electric bike and operational platform,along with hardware,for electric vehicle manufacturers,local electric vehicle dealers,and individuals or groups interested in internet-based sharing rental business.It seeks to overturn the traditional"shared bike"internet heavy asset operation model,achieving a true platform and industry chain sharing for economic mutual benefit.

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  OMNI Intelligence now introduces a comprehensive IoT solution,including a cloud platform,bike sharing APP or electric bike app,IoT devices,and smart bike locks.It relies on mobile communication networks to upload data to the cloud platform for storage and analysis.Management personnel can check the monitored vehicle's location information,vehicle details,reported vehicle faults,vehicle condition detection information,trajectory analysis,information push,and more at any time.Additionally,it enables Bluetooth and GPRS network borrowing,remote startup,remote motor unlocking,vibration detection,wheel rotation detection,and other specialized functions.

  IoT devices or smart bike locks:

  OMNI's independently developed IoT device and smart bike lock is a smart device that connects electric vehicles to the cloud platform.It boasts strong security,reliable stability,and a sophisticated appearance.It has been supplied to third-party companies in quantities exceeding 2,600,000,with a current terminal failure rate of less than one per thousand,making it the key guarantee for the success of OMNI's Ebike system.GNSS dual-mode communication of IoT devices and smart bike locks ensures more precise positioning and comprehensive route planning.The intelligent battery system calculates the remaining battery usage time and riding distance,reducing the risk of unexpected travel for users.Vehicle condition intelligent queries and alarm prompts,coupled with intelligent voice,provide users with greater peace of mind.

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  Cloud Platform:

  The cloud platform is the brain of the entire electric bike rental business system,controlling all system information.Its function is to monitor the overall situation and make corresponding decisions based on the latest information.For management,the cloud platform has station management,user management,and operation and maintenance management interfaces,allowing users to view the distribution of vehicles nationwide and control information resources firsthand.For handling,real-time alarm and feedback interfaces handle electric bike abnormalities and user demands promptly,significantly improving the user experience with efficient problem resolution.The feedback interface is an important asset for OMNI's development,continuously collecting user feedback to continuously improve its shortcomings for longer-term development.

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  Electric Bike APP for Users:

  In OMNI Intelligent electric bike rental and sharing solutions,users can reserve vehicles in advance through the electric bike app,saving a considerable amount of time in finding a bike.During the ride,if temporary parking is needed,users can click on temporary parking to avoid the embarrassment of the bike being occupied.The app's user interface also includes navigation and parking point route planning functions,effectively reducing the likelihood of getting lost.Like the existing model,OMNI IoT solutions also offer QR code scanning for bike rental and various payment methods such as WeChat,Alipay,with ride records and trip logs for easy sharing with friends.

  Electric Bike APP for Operators:

  From the perspective of shared bike online situations,vehicle malfunctions are a significant obstacle to project development.OMNI Intelligence has specifically separated the electric bike app operation end to promptly handle vehicle malfunctions and operational abnormalities.This not only improves the user's impression and experience but also saves operational costs and increases project revenue.

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