Why Is the Shared E-bike Market Still So Popular?

2024-02-28 14:31:13 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

  Shared E-bike system is compliant and efficient.

       The rental e-bike business,encompassing both rental and shared e-bikes,thrives when complying with standard regulations.Many regions currently allow shared e-bike deployment,with some cities openly embracing internet-based rental e-bike projects.

  The shared e-bike industry,deemed a high-frequency essential service,enhances urban mobility,stimulates local employment,and fosters economic development.The analysis of 2023 and the substantial demand projected for shared e-bikes in 2024 signal a growing trend with significant market potential.Shared e-bikes are becoming a preferred alternative for travel,aligning with national efforts to improve social production infrastructure and public services.After years of development and regulation,most shared e-bike platforms now operate compliantly and efficiently.

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       Ebikes rental project is beneficial.  

       The sector's low entry barriers contribute to substantial profitability.With numerous e-bike brands operating in third-and fourth-tier cities,competition is less intense,demand is high,and management is more straightforward.Brands targeting these cities have achieved significant profits through successful market demonstrations.

        For example,considering the current shared e-bike operating model(fixed parking,easy dispatching),brands charging around US$3 per ride,averaging six rides per day,and deducting operational costs(approximately US$6 per day)can achieve favorable profits.Some brands,with favorable deployment,professional operations,and good user experiences,recover costs within a few months.Notably,professional IoT solution providers play a crucial role for e-bike brands,offering comprehensive packages.OMNI Intelligent,as one such provider,aids shared e-bike brands in swift market entry with its mature shared software and hardware products,operational guidance,and after-sales services.

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  Smart bike lock:

      OMNI Intelligent independently develops various global ebike locks,ensuring comprehensive asset security.


      OMNI Intelligent collaborates with several domestic e-bike manufacturers,offering various models compliant with the new national standard for an enhanced riding experience.

  User electric bike APP:

       Specially designed with rich functionality,allowing users to quickly register,pay,scan,ride,lock,and be billed.

  Management Platform(Backend):

      Operators can access user data,vehicle ride trajectories,statistical analysis,set charging standards,monitor battery levels,refund deposits,report faults,etc.The visualized big data dashboard provides clear insights into business operations.

electric bike app

  To date,OMNI Intelligent has cooperated with nearly a hundred shared e-bike operators and electric vehicle manufacturers,deploying over 3 million shared e-bikes,serving millions of riders,and capturing 70%of the shared mobility solution service market.

  While the shared e-bike business is well-known,numerous untapped markets await exploration.Despite facing uncertainties,the market entry rules are becoming clearer.As long as enterprises adhere to policies and regulations,shared e-bikes can continue to develop in an orderly direction.If you are considering entering this business,OMNI Intelligent can provide valuable assistance.

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