New Changes in Smat Bike Lock and Bike Sharing APP

2022-12-01 13:58:20 Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., LTD 0

OMNI smart bike lock for sharing bikes has been updated from the original horseshoe lock to a high-precision small and convenient separate lock which is convenient for people's work and life.Let OMNI takes you to get more details.


Smat Bike Lock


The changes 

After replacing the original horseshoe lock with a different new separate lock,many customers get the maximum benefit after implemented all of them because their power comes from their interaction.

After the smart bike lock is updated,the users use the mobile APP to lock the sharing bike lock,while the shared bicycles adopted the fixed-point parking mode.And,after the users finish riding,they will need to lock the bicycles at the designated parking spot to return them.If the vehicle is parked out of the designated parking space,the bike sharing companies will deduct user's dispatch fee.Now,the new sharing bikes are being debugged at the subway entrance.

Unlike the old bicycle sharing lock that use manual locking method,the new bicycles are equipped with high-precision separate lock.This kind of bike lock adopts the Beidou+GPS multi-mode satellite positioning system,which further improves the stability and accuracy of positioning.When using the sharing bicycles,the user can operate to open and close the lock through mobile phone,which is completely convenient and contactless for manual locking and unlocking.No bend down.


Bike Sharing APP


After riding,the user parks the bicycle in designated area,click the "return bicycle"button on the APP,and confirms the locking command on the mobile APP.The system will combine the user's location and vehicle's location to judge whether the location where the riders return the bicycles is a specified parking area.If it is a specified area,the bike sharing system will issue a lock command.If it is parked in the non-parking spot,it will remind the user that parking is prohibited in this area and guide the user to ride and go to the designated area to return the vehicle to achieve standard parking.

The bicycle sharing companies in charge of the bicycles said that through the fixed-point parking technology and the high-precision positioning smart bike lock equipped on the vehicle,the combination of software and hardware and IoT technology can effectively improve the accuracy,and obtain big data in advance to pre-warn and dispatch vehicles in hotspot areas to avoid "silting-up".At the same time,the new updated smart bike lock helps to find abnormal points.If there is any damage to the bicycle,it is more convenient to determine the location of the vehicle and reduce the damage to the sharing bicycle.


Smart bike lock


Nowadays,the development of science and technology is getting faster and faster,which brings more convenient to people's life.The update of shared bicycle locks is not only reflected in the specification of parking,accurate positioning,but also the convenience of operation.OMNI bike sharing system including smart bike lock and bike sharing APP is mature and sophisticated for public bike rental business.

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