Rental Electric Scooters will soon Replace Rental Bicycles?

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Everyone has always been keen on rental bicycles.

Most people gain much convenience brought by rental bicycles,but compared to shared bicycles,young people who are full of vigor and passion prefer a new cycling way which is fashionable and faster and more convenient.That is rental electric scooters.

With the contunuous upgrading of smart travelling technology and products,the concept of using micromobility for short-distance travelling has become popular in recent years,especially when those users are in closed roads including universities's closed roads,parks'closed roads and scenic spots'closed roads.Rental electric scooters solve these problems and fulfill cyclist's satisfication after rental electric scooters companies checked and analyzed.So they create a new travel method and bring a new experience for consumers.That is also a new characteristics and new pattern to the entire industry of micromobility.


IoT device for rental electric scooters


How's rental electric scooter?

Compared with many chaos caused by rental bicycles that have appeared on campus in recent years,rental electric scooters are getting updates in specific riding methods,and the scooters are getting more complete management which avoids information opacity,disorderly parking and even a large number of useless vehicles.User said:"the rental electric scooters allow us to save the cost of purchasing scooters,and it's safer and easier for riding and returning due to better management and maintenance."

With the prevalence of rental electric scooters,many scooters rental companies pay attention to electric scooter locks,which is also called IoT device by specialist.

Omni has IoT device and it is a semi-embedded IoT device which has more funtions than a normal smart lock.Omni has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of the Internet of Things.The IoT devices has been upgraded such as strengthening the signal on communication,using 4G and BLE communication.Dual-frequency GPS global positioning technology can effectively improve the positioning accuracy of several aircrafts,avoid the influence of path effect,and improve the anti-interference ability.Vehicles can be unlocked through mobile APP.And users can pay for their riding ASAP and the scooters can be locked automatically.

By local geo-fence,IoT device can calculate whether to enter or exit the geofencing area,it can automatically control and limit speed,prohibit riding and other operations without server intervention,and can respond quickly.In addition to the above updates,more details have been added.Rental electric scooters companies can draw the fence area in the background of the server and set the fence attributes.When the scooter enters or exits the fence,the IoT device will make a report.It is not allowed to lock the vehicles,to ride,to set the limited speed after entered or exited the geofencing area.IoT device is sending voice alarm as well.The fence file will also be generated in the background of the server and send the fence file to IoT device,and the IoT device parses the fine and executes it.The area circled in green in the figure is the test site for entering and exiting the fence area.There is voice reminder as well.


IoT devices with local geo-fencing technology


The D128 IoT device which can be an electric scooter lock coming with electric scooter lock app launched by Omni Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is made of environmentally friendly plastic materials and truly achieves green development.The surface of the IoT device is a matte texture,which is more wear-resistant,impact-resistant,corrosion-resistant,and high-temperature resistant,which can prolong the service life for the IoT device.And the D128 IoT device has high-definition audio efficiency.It is built-in speaker and supports high-definition voice broadcast funtion,and can store up to 60sec of voice content.It can be one-key on and off for the voice broadcast,the volume can be adjusted,and the voice content can be updated.In addition,the D128 IoT device has a vehicle attitude detection function,and a built-in Gsensor triaxial acceletation sensor which can detect the vehicle's falling,rolling,and shaking.

IoT based projects

The D128 IoT device is equipped with parking beacon which can support fixed parking and standardize the parking area and beautify the urban environment.

Omni Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and application of the core technology of the Internet of Things.Reach out to Omni if you're getting your own scooters rental project start-up.

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