The Advantages of Parking Lock with Intelligence

2022-11-22 15:12:55 Omni 0

With the development and progress of science and technology,people ask for more about smart parking.Therefore,people's demand for parking lock is now increasing.At present,most of the smart parking lock suppliers use lead-acid batteries.

OMNI Parking Lock with Intelligence

Mainly because the main characteristics of lead-acid batteries are in the following aspects.

1,Advanced diaphragm:Absorb electrolyte as much as possible without leaving free liquid,successfully complete gas cathode absorption,and can be placed at any position for use;use plastic for the cover,it is firm and aging-resistant;

2,Lead-calcium six-element alloy grid,paste formed electrode plate,large capacity,long life;lead-tin multi-alloy collector:small internal resistance,corrosion resistance,can withstand long-term floating charge use;

3,Copper silver-plated terminal:small contact resistance,not easy to rust;analytical pure electrolyte:small self-discharge.

The temperature will have a certain impact on the battery capacity of the smart parking lock.Based on 25 degrees,the discharge capacity increases as the temperature rises;conversely,the discharge capacity decreases as the temperature decreases.Because as the temperature drops,the viscosity of sulfuric acid increases,the internal resistance increases,the ion diffusion ability decreases,and the electrochemical reaction resistance increases,so the capacity also decreases.

The above are the main reasons why many Smart Parking Lock Companies use lead-acid batteries.I hope it will be helpful to you.For more questions, please contact us for consultation.

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