Bike Sharing Programs

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  Modern cities are developing faster and faster,especially big cities,with a huge population base and faster and faster pace of life.

Let more people begin to experience bicycle riding,how can they ride bicycles anytime and anywhere with intelligence.

  The emergence of the bike sharing programs will promote another new way of short-term rental business.The bike sharing programs

include hardware of smart bike locks,sharing bikes,and software of bike rental app and backend.

  Sharing bikes and e-bikes

  Omni manufactures smart bike locks for sharing bikes and ebikes,which are suitable for public travel,campuses,scenic spots,community

short-distance rental.Let's know more about smart bike locks which are the indispensable part of bike sharing programs apart from bicycles and

software applications.

bike sharing programs


  OBL1 Bluetooth bike lock

  1. Looking for location sensing via Bluetooth (close range of about 10 meters).

  2. Connect the communication and lock link by scanning the code or Bluetooth.After the bike rental app confirms the identity is qualified,

it will be automatically unlocked.

  3. Manually lock the bicycles,and feed back the information of smart bike lock to the mobile APP through Bluetooth.

  4. Built-in sensor,abnormal switch,damage or movement,buzzer alarm.

  5. Low pressure alarm reminder,normal work reminder.

  6. Waterproof,shockproof,anti-rust,anti-violent damage,suitable for outdoor driving.

gps bike lock


  OGG1 bike lock with alarm and gps

  1. Equipped with GSM communication network,base station,GPS,WIFI triple precise positioning.

  2. Connect with the lock through scanning code communication,after the APP confirms the identity is qualified,it will be automatically unlocked.

  3. Manual car lock function,return information data to the platform through GPRS communication,and then feed back to APP car lock information.

  4. Real-time online transmission of location information data to the platform.

  5. Including automatic charging solution(This item needs to be confirmed separately and the cost is calculated).

  6. Built-in sensors,abnormal switch or damage,buzzer processing+reporting platform processing.

  7. Records of daily opening and closing locks are automatically reported to the platform.

  8. Low voltage alarm prompt,timely return information to the platform through GPRS communication.

  9. Waterproof,shockproof,anti-rust,anti-violent damage,suitable for outdoor driving.

Bluetooth bike lock


  Bike sharing programs revolutionize urban mobility,promoting sustainable transportation and fostering healthier lifestyles.By providing

a fleet of bicycles available for short-term rentals,these programs offer convenient and affordable transportation options.Users can easily access

bikes at designated stations using bicycle rental app or membership cards.With their flexibility and ease of use,bike sharing programs reduce traffic congestion,improve air quality,and enhance last-mile connectivity.They encourage physical activity,reducing sedentary lifestyles,and contribute to

personal well-being.Embraced by cities worldwide,these programs empower individuals to embrace eco-friendly alternatives and enjoy the benefits

of cycling,creating greener and more vibrant urban environments.

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