Parking Sensor for Car

OMNI parking sensor for car has been equipped with advanced communication skill,to detect the usage of parking spaces if there's a car parked,no cars parked,or there're some other objects.Orderly management.Efficient use and management of parking spaces.

Parking sensor for car

Working time 1-2 years

Waterproof grade: IP67

NB-IOT communication,BLE communication

Bluetooth APP near field communication

Three-axis geomagnetic sensor detection method

24G millimeter wave radar detection method

Parking spaces management

The features of parking sensor for car

Item Specifications
Battery Capacity  13500 mAH/3.6V
Standby Current <0.8mA
Bluetooth Version BLE 5.2
NB-IoT Frequency H-FDD:B3/B5/B8
Geomagnetic Parameter  3-axis Magnetic Sensor
Microwave Parameter 24 GHz Millimeter Wave Radar
Waterproof Level IP67
Working Temperature -20 - +65℃
Working Humidity 10%-90%RH
Product Size 150*25MM


parking sensor for car

What is NB-IoT communication of parking sensor?

Omni parking sensors use NB-IoT communication to provide real-time information about parking space availability to drivers or parking management systems.These sensors are typically embedded in parking spaces or attached to parking barriers and use NB-IoT to transmit data about whether a parking space is occupied or vacant.This information can be relayed to a central system or a mobile app,allowing drivers to find available parking spaces more easily and helping parking operators manage their facilities efficiently.

NB-IoT is an ideal communication technology for parking sensors because it offers low power consumption,long range,low data rates,deep penetration,and cost-effectiveness,all of which are essential for reliable and efficient parking management systems.

parking sensor

vehicle detector


About Bluetooth communication and Near-field communication

Bluetooth and NFC can enhance the functionality and usability of parking sensors by enabling real-time updates, user interaction, configuration,data logging, and integration with other apps and services. These technologies provide a convenient and user-friendly way for drivers to access parking information and services through their smartphones.

parking sensor system

park sensor

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