Multifunctional Cabinet Locks for Drawers Cabinets

Omni supplies cabinet locks with advanced technology for wholesales and quality guaranteed supported by own factory and production inspection.The cabinet locks are used for cabinets,drawers and safety box.More can be customized.

Product: cabinet lock


Cabinet lock with smart abilities

Waterproof level: IPX6

Number of users: max to 45 users

Cover material: plastic

Lock body: 58*63*22.5MM

Bolt latch: 55*44.5*22MM

Panel: 70*53.5*13MM

Certified with CE,RoHs,FCC-SDOC

OMNI Designs and Manufactures Cabinet Locks with Advanced Technology

The features of multifunctional cabinet locks

1, Bluetooth connection to unlock

2, Password connection to unlock

3, Use RFID card to unlock

4, Use fingerprint to unlock

5, Lossless installation

6, Ultra-low power consumption

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smart cabinet lock

rfid cabinet lock


Omni cabinet locks are multifunctional,they're built-in smart abilities.

More Function Description

1. To wake up, press any touch button and the white light will turn on, indicating that the cabinet lock is awake.

2. Unlock the keypad, enter the correct password, the green light will turn on and a long beep will appear, the cabinet lock will be unlocked, and the lock will be locked after 5 seconds. During this period, the cabinet lock cannot be unlocked again.

3. Fingerprint unlocking, keep the fingerprint on the button still for about one second. If the fingerprint is correct, the green light will turn on and a long beep will appear, then the cabinet lock will be unlocked.

4. Unlock via the RFID card. Put the RFID card close to the panel,if the RFID card is correct, the green light will light up and a long beep will sound, then the lock will be unlocked.

5. In factory mode, any password with more than 6 digits and any RFID card can be used to unlock the lock. The administrator password is 123456.

6. In user mode, if there is a password entered, RFID card connected or fingerprint connected, it will switch to user mode, and only the registered password, RFID card or fingerprint can support the unlocking.

7. Delete all passwords to restore factory mode; add at least one user password to switch to user mode.

8. If you enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, the keyboard will be locked and the red light will stay on. It will return to normal mode after 2 minutes.

9. Charging: Use a type-c USB cable to charge the machine. When charging, the yellow light flashes, and when full, the yellow light turns off. It is recommended that users use 5V/1A or above for the adapter.

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keyless cabinet lock

Omni has own factory and produce cabinet locks.There's worldwide delivery service of cabinet locks.And surely the quality can be guaranteed.And all different certificates can be done based on different requirements.

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