Wireless Automatic Electric Bicycle Charging Station

Solving the charging, parking, and locking issues for shared electric two-wheelers is indispensable. This electric bicycle charging station is auto and engineered fit for ebikes,escooters,e-mopeds,cargo bikes.

The great feature of electric bicycle charging station

1. Much convenience

No need for traditional charging cables; users simply need to park their two-wheelers at the charging station to enable

automatic wireless charging, making it more convenient.

2. Space utilization improved

The wireless charging station adopts a compact design, suitable for installation in various urban locations such as parking lots,

street sides, etc., effectively utilizing space.

3. Efficient charging

Utilizing advanced wireless charging technology, achieving a charging efficiency of up to 90%.

4. Safety

The locking mechanism of the charging station can effectively recognize whether the vehicle is parked properly, ensuring

vehicle safety and theft prevention.

5. Wide applicability

Suitable for various types of two-wheelers, such as electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, etc., with broad applicability.

6. Wide voltage mains electricity

Wide-voltage mains electricity supply, meeting different regional voltage requirements.


electric bicycle charging station

How to use electric bicycle charging stations?

1. The user scans the QR code on vehicles, triggering the server to send an unlock command.

2. Upon receiving the unlock command, the vehicle's IoT device transmits it to the ebike charging station via the

wireless charging RX module, simultaneously unlocking the vehicle.

3. Once the electric bicycle charging station receives the unlock command from IoT devices, the unlocking is done,

it deactivates the wireless charging function, and reports the status of the vehicle dock to the server.

4. The user can use the vehicle and starts riding.

5. After the ride ends, the user pushes the vehicle back to the charging station. Upon successful identity verification,

the vehicle is locked, and charging is initiated.



ebike charging station

2 wheeler charging station

Questions and Answers

1. When set up electric bicycle charging station,would it affect renting for users?

OMNI: The configuration of the charging station does not affect citizens' ability to borrow bicycles. By opening the

e-bike rental APP and scanning the QR code on the bike or on the bike pole, users can easily borrow a bike. When

both the bike lock and the dock lock are engaged, scanning either QR code will simultaneously unlock both locks.

2. Do users need to lock the vehicles when they push them into the electric bike charging station?

OMNI: Users do not need to lock the bicycle when parking in the designated area. Instead, they only need to push the

front wheel of the shared bike into the ground-mounted charging dock. Once the parking dock reads the vehicle tag,

it automatically locks. Simultaneously, the charging dock platform sends parking information to the shared bike system.

Upon receiving this information, the shared bike system automatically ends the trip.

3. When all ebike charging stations are in use,how can users return the vehicles and park them?

OMNI: In the event of no available parking spaces at the docking station, users can park the vehicles at a temporary

parking spot on e-bike rental APP (within a designated area marked by white lines or on a double-decker bike rack).

They can then request parking via the "End Trip" page on the electric bike app.

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