O113-IOT 4G GPS Vehicle Trackers for Vehicle

4G IoT device supports gps tracking for cars,scooters,motorcycles.Much security and great fleet management.

Communication:with Controller: UART, with cloud server: TCP Socket

Voice promote: built-in several alert voice notice, voice range≧70dB(Voice can be customized.)

Vibration detection: triaxial accelerometer,built-in battery: 3.7V/350mAH

Working voltage: 24-48VDC,working current: ≦500mA(24-48VDC )

Waterproof& dustproof:  IP67

Outside shell material: PC+10%GF,working humidity: 10~93RH

SIM card: Micro size(Micro-SIM)

LxWxH of size: 109mm × 58mm × 21.2mm (not including the wire)

Omni 4G Vehicle Trackers as an IoT Device


How can Vehicle Trackers do for vehicles tracking and monitoring?

To be mentioned,we call the gps tracker an iot device as well as it combines GPS technology with connectivity to the Internet.And it supports data exchange,remote monitoring and control,integration with applications,sensor integration.


Support single positioning and continuous positioning mode,can report the current vehicle position information regularly.Support GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou,Galileo,WIFI assistant location.

4G Network communication

Through the command of the server,the location,battery power,temperature and other info of the vehicle can be obtained remotely.Remote setting of vehicle riding maximum speed,low power alarm value,etc.(controller is required to support the functions).

UART communication

Communicate with controller by UART,IoT device is the host and controller is the affiliate device.

Bluetooth unlock

Support Bluetooth 5.0 communication.When scans the QR code on the vehicle using vehicle tracking apps,it sends instructions to the server through the user's mobile phone network.After receiving the instructions,the server sends unlocking instructions to APP,and APP sends instructions to IoT through Bluetooth to unlock the vehicle.

Network unlock

When the mobile APP scans the QR code on the smart iot device,the instruction will be sent via APP to the IoT device,which uploads the instruction to the server through the network.After receiving the instruction,the server sends the instruction to the IoT device to unlock the vehicle.

OTA upgrade

The device can support upgrading firmware and setting parameters remotely through server.(controller is required to support the functions).Support for custom voice upgrades.

Vibration detection

The IoT device has an acceleration sensor that detects vehicle vibration.When the vehicle is in the locked state and the vehicle vibration is detected,the IoT will send instructions to notify the server,and the IoT device will give an audible alarm.

Failure report

The failure of vehicle can be uploaded to server through IoT device.(controller is required to support the functions).

Falling to ground detection

When the vehicle falls on the ground,the IoT device will upload the info to the server.

Transportation mode

Before leaving the factory,the IoT device can be set into transport mode to reduce battery consumption.

Exit transportation mode

Support APP to exit transportation mode,charging to exit transportation mode(controller support is required).

Interface terminal function (optional)

Controller controls UART,battery lock control(motor drive or IoT output),loudspeaker output,cable lock control UART.


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