Omni Smart Bike Lock For Sharing Fleet

Omni manufactures hardware(smart bike lock built-in IoT) and software (APP and backstage) for bike sharing and rental bikes and ebikes fleet.

Product: smart bike lock for sharing fleet

Brand: Omni

Communication: BLE,2G,4G

Real-time location tracking

Positioning modes: GPS,Glonass,BD(optional)

Built-in battery: 8000 mAh

Steel ring diameter: 8mm

Waterproof: IPX6 rating

Omni 4G Smart Bike Lock for Ebikes Bikes Manufacturers and Ride Share Services


Function list

GPS performance


Support  GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou, Galileo, WIFI assistant location system



Starting time

Cold startup less than 120seconds, Warm startup less than 30seconds, (Open area, weather is sunny without shade, including coordination optimization)

Location precision

≤15meters(Open area, weather is sunny without shade.)

Location condition

 Search satellites numbers≥4 satellites and signal noise over 30dB

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Omni's urban mobility solution integrates software and hardware to achieve features such as unlocking and locking through QR code scanning,automatic payment settlement.Utilizing GPS positioning and remote speed control,it establishes a geo fence for standardized parking.The built-in IoT sensors are detecting the unnormal movement and vibration and send alarms if so,ride share companies can use the backend to provide real-time monitoringof shared bikes and ebikes,such as status,battery levels,and other communication information.This assists in operational management,reduces labor costs,and ensures vehicles'security.


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The steps of ride share services using smart bike locks and software applications


smart bicycle lock


bike lock with alarm and gps

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Urban mobility solutions of hardware (smart bike locks or IoT devices) and software applications and backend

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Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of core technologies of IoT (Internet of Things),including high-precision detection sensors and algorithms,wireless communication networking,GPS/BDS positioning,remote control and data acquisition,engineering development of core components of agricultural robots,related software and hardware,APP and cloud service system development,and AI big data analysis applications.

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