Drawer Lock with Ble Connection and RFID

Smart drawer locks are keyless and widely used for drawers,cabinets,safety box,take-out box and others.Omni provides custom locking system for different requested customization.The high quality and durability is guaranteed with requested certificates.

Product type: smart drawer lock

Manufacturer: Omni

Lock body:58x63x22.5mm

Bolt latch:55x44.5x22mm

Waterproof IPX6

Weight: 55g (No batteries)

Operating temperature: -20℃ - 60℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 70℃

Operating humidity: 93%RH

OMNI Drawer Lock is a Smart Drawer Lock with Ble Connection and RFID Technology

What is a smart drawer lock?

1,The draw lock comes with intelligence,when it is used for drawers,cabinets,safety box,take-out box and others,users can connect the hidden drawer lock with Ble connection on smartphone APP;

2,Or users can connect the lock with RFID cards,the locks will be unlocked in 1 second.

3, There're no keys any more.No manual inspection in public places.

drawer lock

How to use the smart drawer lock?

1, The smart drawer lock is a hidden drawer lock,no drilling needed for installation;

2, The lock latch matches lock body well;

3, After installed,just unlock the drawer lock via Ble connection or RFID cards;

smart drawer lock

rfid lock drawer


Omni is specializing in smart locks and IoT solutions for so much fields.Omni supports custom locking system for different requirements.

smart drawer cabinet lock


The smart drawer locks support ultra-low power consumption.No worries about usage and durability.The smart devices solve the problems that users are considering and worrying.

smart lock drawer

drawer locker


Please check fingerprint lock for drawer as the smart drawer lock can come with fingerprint and password for unlocking.

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