M151 GPS Tracker Ebike with IoT Connectivity

The gps tracker ebike is an IoT gps tracker equipped with connection and alarming of ebikes fleet management and rental ebikes services.Supply real-time location tracking and remote control.

Product: GPS tracker ebike

Satellite systems:GPS,Glonass,Beidou

Location tracking and ebikes monitoring

Built-in buzzer alarm

Wide input voltage range

Water resistant, IPX7 level

OEM&ODM services

IoT GPS Tracker for Ebikes Fleet with Cloud Platform

How does gps tracker ebike work?

1, A gps tracker for electric bikes works by using the Global Positioning System and other navigation systems like Glonass or Beidou to determine the precise location of ebikes.

2, Ebike GPS tracker then transmits this location data to a server or cloud platform.

3, Ebike GPS tracker is an IoT gps tracker,this IoT device can get the data of ebikes through CAN or UART communication mode.

4, IoT connectivity.This GPS tracker ebike are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, enabling them to connect to the internet and transmit data wirelessly. This connectivity allows for remote tracking and management features.

5, Cloud platform integration.That includes electric bike app and background management.The interface provides real-time location data, historical tracking information, and sometimes additional features such as geofencing or notifications.

6, Sending alerts. The ebike gps tracker is built-in buzzer alarm for anti-theft feature.

7, This is useful for fleet management if operators arrange ebike rental services.

iot gps tracker

What're the benefits of gps tracker ebike?

1, Anti-theft protection

2, Recovery assistant

3, Efficient monitoring

4, Emergency assistance

5, Usage statistics

6, Insurance benefits

7, Shared mobility projects'launch

ebike tracker

ebike tracking device


This ebike gps tracker is equipped with 4G communication module.Nano Sin card needed,and it's a removable design for sim cards.

ebike gps

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